Herbal tea art class

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Josh's art project could spell trouble.


The good news is that this was hilarious. The bad news was that this was hilarious for all the wrong reasons. The graphics were quite bad, and at times just looked silly, with the kid apparently flying at one point and his arms shooting into his head. The teacher saying "Mrs. Josh's mom" was funny though, since who would actually say that? Despite that, the voices were rather grating, and it was clear you were much too close to the mic when doing this. At least there was in fact a plot and voices, even that is more than I can say about some.

it had some effort

Other then effort it was kinda silly but then again thats what a flash should be like hehe, the buttons got anoying after awhile, but i still found this flash amusing, so if i can offer any help it would be too, work on the buttons so they dont get in the way or in an anoying matter

work on the buttons, like i said they tend to get anoying, so maybe thats something to work on

A silly flash with some nice effort but could be cleaned up somewhat



Drawing and animation were both terrible, but the humor was mildly amusing and you had a decent flash overall. Nice use of voice as well especially considering, most flash from around this time didn't use voice yet.


joshmister make more and make more and for trying take this


to be honnest it isnt very good, but everyone has to start somewhere :P If you can get any books on flash (if you haven't already) I'd recomend geting one or two. Keep on practicing, and don't let people totally slating your work get to you :)

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Jun 3, 2000
5:22 PM EDT
Comedy - Original