StarCraft: Mission 1

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Well it has been awhile, ladies and gents. This time, I decided to throw something new into the mix. It's a "choose your own adventure" StarCraft game. I got the idea after I heard StarCraft:Ghost will never be on pc, so I tried something along those lines for the first time in this kind of format. I'll make a lot more if there's a demand for more stuff like this....Well tell me what you guys think and be sure to vote. Thank you to everyone who have helped me along the way.


nice game!

Addictive. Good Game!! I really like it!!! Make lots more!

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Dark-Boy responds:

Lol will do.

Pretty good

The sounds are repetitive, and it's hard to hit the target (like when he's moving). Sometimes I don't even notice the targets, then just die.

Also a sexier Kerri is in order. ~_^

Dark-Boy responds:

Lol.Saddly I wish I had alot more sounds to work with..the game really did'nt ofer that huge a selection :(.Meh, glad you enjoyed it man.

That was very good

I like the way you are going with this. I didn't rate the sound because I'm at school, in case you wonder.

Smooth graphics and fluid animation, I love the starcraft theme itself.

Hope you finish this.

Dark-Boy responds:

Thanks man,glad to see people are really taking to the over all feel of this game.I'm going to be working on mission 2 in a little.

wow, yay, hooray!

finally something to not blam. I blam alot of things to hell. But this, this is far from it! Its fantastic, took one look at the artwork and just had to give it a 5. and as I progressed through it it got better n better. Great job!

Dark-Boy responds:

Yay!You did'nt blam me!Lol.Thanks for the input man,glad you liked it.


You should really learn to spell

Dark-Boy responds:

Thanks for not even voting me low because of you know..the art or anything pratical like that..oh boo hoo..has some spelling mistakes..cry me a river.

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2.39 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2004
3:16 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click