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StarCraft: Mission 1

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Well it has been awhile, ladies and gents. This time, I decided to throw something new into the mix. It's a "choose your own adventure" StarCraft game. I got the idea after I heard StarCraft:Ghost will never be on pc, so I tried something along those lines for the first time in this kind of format. I'll make a lot more if there's a demand for more stuff like this....Well tell me what you guys think and be sure to vote. Thank you to everyone who have helped me along the way.


I love starcraft!!

I love starcraft!! and this was a pretty good flash game for starcraft ghost.. man i cant wait to play the real deal!!

Dark-Boy responds:

Same here man.Just sucks becuase I dont have a PS2 or camge cude or Xbox..hell i got nothing but my comp.:(.Well thanks for playing and gald you liked it man.


it was a good game (graphics and sound)but at the very begining when you read the objective you wrote simple as simpel even though your flaw annoyed me i still rated it a 5.Good Work

Dark-Boy responds:

Thanks for not being completely turned for playing this game because of my spelling lol.


It was good.But trie to add a few more comands for the game and make fighting a bit more dificult.Also make the mission as long as you can beacause the longer the better.

Dark-Boy responds:

Very true ont he length of the mission.You guys have given me alot of great ideas for mission 2,and ya.The mission wil be longer lol.Thanks for the input man.

Short But Sweet

The combat adds a very nice level to it...the last Protoss was a good scare! ;)

It's not too much along the lines of "choose this option - oops you've died" as many of these things are, which is good, maybe make it a bit more non-linear? Anyway, I like it, it's an original spin, just make it longer! ;)

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Dark-Boy responds:

Lol you very right.I want to add for mission 2 branch off points that will effect the mission over all.Like some choices will infulanec others.Meh,gald you liked it man.


wow that was cool! waiting for next mission! :D

Dark-Boy responds:

Lol,glad you injoyed this on.I wont let you guys down for the second.

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2.39 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2004
3:16 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click