StarCraft: Mission 1

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Well it has been awhile, ladies and gents. This time, I decided to throw something new into the mix. It's a "choose your own adventure" StarCraft game. I got the idea after I heard StarCraft:Ghost will never be on pc, so I tried something along those lines for the first time in this kind of format. I'll make a lot more if there's a demand for more stuff like this....Well tell me what you guys think and be sure to vote. Thank you to everyone who have helped me along the way.


Very well played out game. Some glitches, grafics were well layed out... Coming from a felow flash artist, starcraft player, and newgrounds submiter, great game :D.

Very good

Mediocre graphics. good gameplay. Why couldn't you make it more like a first person shooter? That would've been cool. Either way, it's very good. Keep up the good work.

Dark-Boy responds:

Mediocre graphics?Ouch..I take that to heart.But first person is so played up man..like every game and soon to be made game is an fps..i wnet for more of a kind of sorty based theam with this one..But all the same man..thanks for playing and glad you liked it.


Im sure this is a great flash, but i didnt see the attack icon, so i didnt play. im not dissing the game, i simply got bored. and i dont think the ghost is kerrigan. she died.

Dark-Boy responds:

Well alot of people had trouble with the attack icons,but you needed to read the info screem in the menu frist to understand the commands..i nkow alot of people like to jump into the game but you lose alot of the explination.Your right she became the queen of blades later in the serries,but for the sake of argument I used her voice-overs as filler becuase there are not very meny female vioces in the game... there are roughly about 4 to 5 female voices and in the game all together (and Kerrigan was a ghost after all at the beguining on S.C so I though it would be most logical)So I used it in the place of this ghost unit (trying not to lose the feel of the game with bad voice acting lol).Thanks for the play and the 10 man gald you liked.

Pretty good...

Really detailed you're helluva good flash maker, but Zealots should be stroner... and should Kerrigan have red hair?? W/e who cares about that stuff, good though but a little short.

Dark-Boy responds:

Well it not really Kerrigan at all(I think her hair was dreaded..i'm not shure),its another ghost unit but I used her voice overs to as apposed to using crappy voice acting.The actual size of a zealot is around 7 to 9 feet tall (did my homework on this) and the ghost is roughly around 5 to 5.5 tall.to the size is a accurate portail.But all that aside thanks for the play man and glad you really like it :)

Very entertaining and unique piece of work

Hmm.. you did the wrong thing by making this flash game. Very special.... and I liked the interactive sections a lot. Some feedback would be to add more enemies, make the game longer and add some starcraft music into it.. Superb work, keep it up!

Dark-Boy responds:

Wanted to add some of the terran backround music but i'm learing how to script properly.Well i'm still working on number 2 and its going to be awile.Thanks for the play and the good feedback :)

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2.39 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2004
3:16 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click