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TOC: Dungeons & Dummies

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Every one says the artwork is bad, but it's supposed to be a STYLE, I could spend an hour for each drawing, but by then I would get bored of the movie! (the sounds bad because I need a better mic., anyone know where I can get one?)

This is another DND episode of TOC, if you have never heard of it then you might want to watch my other episodes.

In this episode, they all draw straws and Ale is the winner, so he is Dungeon master. Also since Fizz is not he plays as his character, The Necromancer! What horrible fate awaits these fools? Find out, in this episode of TOC: Dungeons & Dummies!

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I like the style, even if it was a bit rough. Very close to what its actually like when you get stuck playing with idiots. You already know about the sound issues, so i won't say anything there. Over, humorous waste of a few minutes.


this is so funny i played one time d&d with my friend on paper and shoot a sword out of a cannon in a orcs head

Not bad

You really do need a new mike dude, but other than the rough graphics and poor sound, it was pretty good. I really have ahd a guy ask to steal someones pants before! He failed, and the guy stabbed him in the face....

Umm ok I can live with that

The sound isn't wonderful and the graphics are rough around the edges. Yeah I think getting a better mic or atleast cutting the air noise out would do wonders.

I like the way the game flows for them. I see the players in my game do just the strangest things so I can relate to their odd requests. Over all it comes out average, it was atleast entertaining unlike some things I've had to sit through.

Ok it sucks

Next time work more on graphics dumass.

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3.60 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2004
9:31 PM EDT