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That's right! Always wanted to say something cool and smart, but the only thing that would come out of your mouth was crap? This is why we have the BS generator, the only generator that makes you look good, aswell as sound good!



'grow sexy communities'
'visualise sexy relationships'
'incentivise sexy convergence'
'embrace global models'

=D I don't know where they came from, but if I'm ever thrown into a meeting, I'll try them. The last one sounds fun.


I think you can do better. A generator's already a good idea, but this Flash is a bad one. Try an insult generator.

dave-mac-dave responds:

This kid is one of the saddest fuckers you will ever see. He cries over some whistle points and gets really fucking angry (I mean, "blood vessel explosion" angry) if you say "hey, kid, perhaps you should just get a life".

Let's take a look at his recent blog post:

http://c1ph3r.newgrounds.com/news/pos t/247246

He made a topic where he spouted of some nonsense about dividing by zero, he then tried to explain himself with some of the shittest logic I have ever seen. Obviously everyone completely rips him a new one and explain to him the simple mathematics of why he is an idiot. Sadly, he can't take criticism, so he pretends that he is trolling and the thread was one big joke. Yeah, nice one. We've all tried that "OH I WAS ONLY JOKING" when we were looking like morons.

Poor kid, it must seriously SUCK to have no life at all.


He sent me a PM crying some more. I would post it here, but even I'm embarrassed about it.


it made me chuckle, I like this *writes down some to put in his report*


not bad. Sounds true though......(more dots)...i thnk that could actually happen, i mean how long could u yap about how big your staockings are? i mean jeez who carez what sox dow wheres...geez they must have some kinda underwear fetish thing g oin on X-\

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dave-mac-dave responds:

And a big WTF to you, sir.

what were you thinking

wat was that
what were you thinking
you should be on the show
what were you thinking

dave-mac-dave responds:

What were you on when your wrote that? Let alone thinking.

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