Megaman X OLB ep.2

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Megaman X One Last Breath ep.2!
With X and Zero dead the remaining hunters and humans plan on how to stop the oncoming evil... but they are too late. (This ep has no action and is focused on plot)

*Updates* Yellow boarder was removed, and a NEW Alie sprite was added! The FINISHED version of ep3 will be out soon!



I never expected to watch a megaman flash were he nice and the direction your taking with this seems to be a good one

Kaosboy85 responds:

thankyou very much, trying to give megaman that new direction from the begining

deja vu

is it just me, or are there waayyy too many Meaman- sprite flashes ....

Kaosboy85 responds:

wow havn't heard that one before

i like this stuff

you almost lost my intrest to this series, try and skip the talking and stuff... an go straight to the fights!
the last one was better.

Kaosboy85 responds:

yea i know this one was the boring one, the next one (which i've started) is ALL action


You didn't draw any of the graphics, you didn't make ANYTHING in this yourself. The only animation skill you exibit is basic tweening.

hell, you didn't even bother cropping half of the images. But it'll still get a high score due to the 11 year olds who think it's "cool", but that's newgrounds.

Kaosboy85 responds:

really i didnt draw that!?!? WOW you're good! And you're right!... searchign onlien for the sprite sheets, cutting out every motion and image, finding the background, and music, and arranging it all together was no work at all! When you bother to make decent flash movie maybe I'll bother to crop. But untell then enjoy taking your finger and sitting on it. Have a nice day.

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Jun 6, 2004
9:44 PM EDT