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PengPhooie's Bad Day

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Author Comments

OOPS: I had a bug! It's fixed now ^_^;

This is a movie I made shortly after my first! This has 3 songs instead of 1 (and yet it is the same size) but it's not really a music video... It is said to be better than my last so... enjoy...

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Not bad.

Now... the music was awsome...
um...some people would call this tottally random but i call it genious...and random :D.

the story was : PengPhooie got so annoyed with his alarm clock that he threw it out a window...the alarm clock got angry and came back with a vengence but only as a Clock/Ninja/Assasin dude. This began a somewhat random chain of events. when PengPhooie found himself back at his place, the Clock/Ninja/Assasin guy tried to kill him again, but failed...PengPhooie, with the finishing blow, breaks the Clocks face and it turns back into just a normal alarm clock. at this moment, PengPhooie realizes ALL his troubles that had happend that day was because of his damn alarm clock... The End...

Does anyone besides me think i spent too much of my life makeing this review?
Hmm...no more Nachos...

Really cool flash here

Love the use of the songs


that was the goofiest thing ive seen in like 10 minutes...but loved the ending song by the beegees...cause...you can tell by the way I walk IM a ladys man!

...this message paid for by the lutheren church and jesus christ himself...

I loved it!

Yay, my first NG review, I'm glad its a good one. Anyways it rocked, and I can't wait for the project you have under wraps to come out. (Btw, this is noah).

It's not confusing, simply it is stupid

It was, at first, going nowwhere and up until now it, frankly, is still going nowhere.
Sometimes, stories do not have to make sense and animations do not have to have a base (foundation, if you will) or reason for being. But what is important is substance. If it is abstract, one may present the abstract motif and actually be able to kame something of/with it.
Not this though. This was weak, or simply nothing.

PengPhooie-old responds:

I was actually disapointed when I was done with it because the "story" didn't realy flow like I wanted it to. Like you said. My flaw was I didn't plan it out, I just made it up as I went along, while trying to have it make sence. If I planned it better it would have been... better. That is why I am writing an actual script of events for my next project.

And just to make it clear, I do agree with you ^_^;

Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2004
4:24 PM EDT