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Little Fighter Alpha Ch.3

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*Update* thx for the award guys! Yay 4th place!! thats a start.
MaxR: Chapter 3 is finally here! I made huge changes, and improved a lot from the previous movies. This movie is longer than any movie I've made, with the help of anzrage it has turned out great. Enjoy the movie!
AnzRage: I've really enjoyed working with Maxr, he is a really great animator. I have a feeling about this movie. Its gonna be great. Watch it! I hope you enjoy it, as much as I do.
Gooffy123: We worked hard on this and I hope you liked it. We will bring you chapter 4 soon!


Nice, the best so far, but again it was too short

I liked it, it reminded me of some old games i used to play that were similar to the style of this movie, it was very nice when that guy got frozen and they had to fight him and the fight was just about an appropriate length for what it was, it could have done with an extra 5-10 seconds to it though, just so there'd have been that bit more. I liked it when John turned up as well and teleported eevryone apart from Bat away so it was just up to Bat to take him on, that part was a nice idea and it was fun to watch, although that fight should have gone on for much longer than it did, you also ended the movie way too early it would ahev been nice to have seen what happened to the others in this movie rather than in the next, like I'm assuming is going to happen. Also I think maybe you ahd the text going too quick, i could read it fine but I'm a fast reader so maybe that was a problem for others, if it was a problem for others go back to it and edit the movie by adding in a few more frames so the texts on the screen for longer, if it wasn't and it was fine, then obviously just leave it.

Maybe you should have combined this one with the last one and put something in to fill in the little gap inbetween, but then due to the fights that probably wouldn't have worked too well so maybe you should have had something that filled in some information about the story or the backgrounds of the characters.

I'm not being a dick by saying this, I'm not like that, but due to the shortness of this movie your only just earning the 3 I'm going to give you for it, I feel I'm being generous here as normally when I watch a movie that earns a 3, if it's too short I'll give it a 2 as I was dissapointed by it, but I won't do that here, you get your 3.

It feels nice to give a movie a 3, it's been a while since I've seen one that deserved more than a 2, so thanks for making something that I liked watching. Anyway well done, good job, keep up the good work(been a while since I got to say that too).

Peace Out, Afro Stud


Uh hu...

Yah know... Mmm.. has this been done before...

Let me find my list of total shit... ah! here we go, ah yeah, it fits number 45, and 50.

45: Flash is once again a spite cartoon about some stupid adventure which isn't at all intresting nor entertaining. 90% of these revolve around final fantasy.

50: There is no voice, the animation is horrible, and it looks like it took any decent ammount of effort.

Just my two cents, but find a diffrent art style, try some voice, and... uh... don't name a main hero "Woody".

MaxR responds:

please don't watch my movies if you dont like my style. This movie is based on a real game, so please play the game and know it first before you complain like you know everything. And all the names are the original names, I didn't name them. If you ever make a movie, you'll see its quite hard.


too short and abit not nice lah because only beat the scorrcer then john bla bla bla 1 noh

ME??? ME???????????????????

"Seriously man, next time look at your review before posting it, that way you won't make yourself look like an ass."

Ok, let's find the faults in this shall we?
First of all: you're basically making what I wrote sound ironic because you couldn't come up with a better answer you fucknut.
Second: Oh? I look like an ass... Man... In that case I don't dare to guess what the fuck YOU look like...
Third: I mearly pointed out the faults you made in your first response by nagging at you... What's wrong with that? Anyone who would recieve such an idiotic response would have written back...

Ok, furthermore. If you try to make THIS sound ironic then I'm sorry but I'm giving up... Because that's just sad man...

DON'T ANSWER THIS! Unless you've come to realize the fact: That I wrote another review on your worthless piece of shit flash because you gave me a completely incorrect response.

You suck man, anyone would've come up with a better answer than THAT! Seriously... Even I did... IN LIKE 5 MINUTES!

MaxR responds:

it's cause you're not worth my time.

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4.25 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2004
12:08 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place June 7, 2004