LOTR Prologue

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Finally after weeks of hard work, the highly anticipated prologue is finished! This is a remake of the prologue to the Lord of the Rings movie, the Fellowship of the Ring.


*long pause*

Well, it was pointless, cause it was pretty much the same as the prologue in the movie, except for Cate Blanchette says "master ring" instead of "last ring." It was all right, but pointless.

That was well...BUM!

Do u hav a bum 4 a head? Because every1 in that looked to have a....bum, for a head! Crap, pointless, waste of time, people like u should die, and then hav their cartoons burnt. The truth hurts dont it, so does my foot, so dont make another one of these abismal creations.


Why did you make this flash? Hollywood made a movie, I think it was called Lord of the Rings a few years back...much better graphics than anyone could ever do on flash...oh and real actors...whats the point of doing this flash?? Seriously, someone else has done it...and your just reproducing it exactly the same (with worst visuals) again I ask...why??!

You Cut it in the middle??

Good grief that wasen't even the entire Prologue!! Where was the war, Saurons defeat and the journey of the ring?? and another thing, the voice went behind a little . The only thing i appreate about this movie was how close you kept the film to the actual movie now will someone please make all these prologue movies and do some other scene in the trilogy?

corey1 responds:

the rest will come soon.


Well thats just SOOO f*cking nerdie and bad that it wouldn't even match in the flash contest whit crippled kids...

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corey1 responds:

Ok... It still beats your absence of movies on newgrounds. That wouldn't win in a contest with crippled kids, either. I'm "watching out" for your flashes. If you can make a flash good enough to make it on newgrounds, you will have earned the right to talk.
Otherwise, shut up.

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Jun 5, 2004
8:12 PM EDT
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