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Franken Boy 01

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I was watching the "Invader Zim" DVD and came up with some funny jokes. Then I put them all together in this, FRANKEN BOY! Most of the jokes are in the Dr. Stupid cartoon. Any way, ENJOY!

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no more!

twas not a goog parody...
i really enjoyed how you presented the characters tho...
i think the voiced- over ppl were a lil too loud also.

your animation rocks dude!!

i'm looking forward to seeing your future stuffs.. :)


Holy crap this is awsome. Can I have some awsome sauce witj this?

Read it.

Ok, before I go on my little rant, let me tell you this: YOU AREN'T FUNNY. You're trying to seem random and wacky and silly, but if you actually try to came up with it, it sucks. Next time, don't lie. Kids, he just sat in his parents basement and wrote some lame ass jokes down. He spent about 3 minutes writing it, and spent 3 days straight animateing this. I could draw better characters in MS Paint. You get a courteuos 2 stars for being in the Zim collection.

That was funny

I loved that flash.

It was very creative. You've gotta create more.



Funny, to say the least. the franken boy jopkes were kinda dry and short, but it was ok. the graphics could've been better though, even if its just a cartoon. the jokes were fine, unless you used the SAME jokes that you saw on the dvd, in which case it isnt. but it was ok though. I'd like to see a sequel some time with better grafx. :D
Keep trying,