ITH #1 - Flavored Snack

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Tony develops a new snack food and shows Ben.

Some things to know before you start the show: 1) Keep your hand on the volume wheel as the volume of the toon fluctuates. 2) This cartoon is indeed inspired by Bonus Stage but I have no intent to clone it. 3) Press the Play button when you believe it is done loading (no more endless loading screen, yay!)

Thats it! Please compair this to my previous works to understand why I am excited to put this out. Also please reveiw!

UPDATE 11/06/05
I've finally started actual animation work on episode 2. I've added more characters and I'm aiming at a 10 minute running time. Please look out for it.

UPDATE 03/06/2004
ITH or Insert Title Here is my new cartoon series. This is the first episode but certainly not the last.

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freakin sweet

i knew you could animate, but this was sweet. Cant wait to see other submisions you release!

Basically Awesome

This is an awesome movie. I like your newer stuff even more!!! I loved the humour, the product is amazing. It reminds me of the theme park: "Productville: Everything you could ever buy....just for sale." It's fun....well....some people call it Safeway.

okay aight.....okay

It wasnt that bad the animation was nice and flashy and the theme song is hot. But the voices i could barely understand it . flavored snack mmmm...........*drool*

your definetly improving

your really improving, but this was just REAAALLLLLYYYY boring. also, stop moving the mic around cuz that "boom kch pff boom" sound gets REEEEAAAAAAALLLLYYYY annoying. it also takes away what mood u have. the animation is nice, and your drawings are clean and finished, but u should get a friend to write scripts cuz it wasnt funny at all. i couldnt even finish watching it cuz i lost track of what they were talking about. dont do that blatant bonus stage rip-off intro thing either.

Ben-the-Jew responds:

Thanks, it is good to know that I'm improving. I can definatly tell you like this more since you have reviewed my other entries. The humor is very unique you might say. I've gotten very mixed feedback on it. Some absolutely love it while others struggle to understand it. And I can assure you that I am not ripping off Bonus Stage's intro anymore. The series has changed drastically. If you check Matt Wailson's site you would see it is different now. Thanks again for your comments!


Well I liked it but it wasnt very humorous. It was at some points though. I liked the techno part... just cuz I like the song... oh and my names Tony so ya that definetly made it better but other then that... keep at it!

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3.58 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2004
8:10 PM EDT
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