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Punch Out: Chapter One

rated 3.91 / 5 stars
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Jun 3, 2004 | 1:34 PM EDT

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Author Comments

*PAZ UPDATE* Punch-Out Chapter Three is under production in Chicago right now. You may check out more info at NGMAGS Alphas. Its on the archive list so you might have to surf through it.

Punch-Out Chapter One: The Champ Will Rise Again is successful! But it has been hurt! SOmone out there is trying prevent me from being the top 50 of all-time. I need your guys help! What I'm going to do is re-release Chapter One with a never-before-seen cut scene on the reason why Little Mac was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Also, the audio will be fixed in the begining, the dialog at the end will be held longer so you can read, some minor glitches with the animation will be reviewed and fixed, and the credits will be fixed so you can have more time to read the credit (in case you do care to read credits). Any suggestions, please drop me an IM to SlashWizzard. To all of you who voted for me and gave me a great review, thank you! And don't forget, Punch-Out Chapter Two: A Controversal Night will be released by Fall of 2004, hopefully earlier than that!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

does that key code get you to mike tyson?

will it work for the other version? (the dream fight)

AngelnX responds:

oh yea it should work!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a flash "Movie"

This is a flash movie that feels like an actual movie. It is a truly great flash. The storyline was pretty good, but needed a little work. The ten years for marajuana dosn't seem to be realistic. I think that in the next movie you could go into the trail in depth, like maybe having the bag be part of gigantic smuggling ring and Mac was supposedly a big crack dealer or something. Or maybe the judge has some past with Marajuana, like a family member dieing from it or something. Other than the law part, the storyline is great.

The audio was good, but it was somewhat annoying when it was combined with the old 8-bit stuff at the begining. It also felt strange to hear those songs used in those situations (like the Power Rangers theme song).

The graphics were very nice, except for Little Mac. His sprite looked terrible and I kept thinking he had a mustache or something. It was driving me crazy.

The fight scene was very good, but not exactly what I was expecting from a Punch-Out movie. I expect to see some old-school fighting in a later chapter, but I think that this fighting style is very cool also.

Despite the minor flaws, this is still an excellent flash movie and a must see for anybody who likes boxing or has played Punch-Out. Truly a great flash motion picture. Thumbs Up.

AngelnX responds:

Hey man i appreciate the comments and mentioning ur honest opinion. i respect that. what I am going to do, is that i had people emailing me about that this flash movie should had been like the top 50 of all time. so what i'm actually going to do is take your advice. in the new version for chapter one, there is going to be a cut scene added that little mac IS involved in the drug selling ring, and that he is sentenced 10 years in prison. as far as the sprites, sorry it was bothering you. ill see what i can do about it. remember, i wanna keep everything 8-bit original, and i forgot to change a sound flaw in the beginning meaning that one side was all the way up and the other side wasnt, so that flaw is going to be changed. And those of you out there reading this, i need your help to improve chapter one before i re-release it to the public once again. if you are willing to help me some suggestions, and if i use them your name will be mentioned in the credits, just like Patrick Luce (a.k.a. ThisAsiansation) My AIM SN is SlashWizzard. I appreciate for everything guys!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice but unpractical

WTF ten years for possesion of narcotics.
im only a junior in high school and i took a you & the law class. i learned in that class that the amount he had which was about a little bag is a misterminer crime which means he would ony get a maximum of 1 year in prison. but if he had like pounds and pounds of it he would get that type of punishment. im not doing this to be cruel i just wanted u to know the facts. still grat flash overall

AngelnX responds:

Dude, you dont have to be SO technical about all that man! seriously, not all of us know about that, just as long as u get the story ya know, remember just kep that in mind ok??


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really really enjoyed that.

Its been awhile since a movie like yours with a good plot, good characters has come along. Excellent job, I'm looking forward to more of your movies.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

that was good

i liked the super punch out game and it was koo how u added the ff song and duckhunt. u need to add some voices to it. cant wait till part 2.