June 2, 2004 –
April 27, 2011
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the fuck did this get 3rd place

i DONT like watching a white screen this is either because you didint acually make a movie and this is some kind of joke or because you didint bother putting in a preloader.

Funny... I liked the sounds, and the way you recorded then. The last scene is disgusting, but sometimes things like this are necessary.

An excellent cartoon! There's not enough of these kind of cartoons made by Flash artists. You could easily see this cartoon on TV. I love it.

I love that cutting limbs off stuff!

its a great way to start a cartoon! The animation itself is corney but its also histerical!! Keep up the good work!!


Blood needs to come out of the wounds though. Anyway this is now in my favourites list. YOu have a great imagination

Kan0-that was just terrible. The sound was annoying and the animation made me want to gouge my eyes out.
I hate your movie and have come to hate you by association.

dude...no offence but...WOW..this comes up in your head? Im sorry but your too strange for me...goodbye.

Wow. not quite as retarded as a really bad clock movie, but certainly had more story. Try spelling cozy right. The pig runs like the flintstones. Artwork was ok, voices were ok, but the sounds was crappy.

I didn't really like it, so I won't waste your time rambling on and on. I guess... put more work into your next flash, this one wasn't great. Sorry to put you down and stuff.


Nice Graphics, Nice Violence, the style was good.
The humor was chuckle worthy, but the sound was kind of crappy, but not so crappy that I hated it.

Overall I'd say pretty damned decesnt.

that was really good! Orginal and very very funny. This cartoon worth for 10!

fucking hilarious

Nothing was funny about it at all.

I felt sorry for the pig...geez..and the poor bear. *shudders* Anywhos...pretty good Flash..could of been better, but then again, it was pretty....good. ;)

this movie was OK i like the whole style of the cartoon and i like when the guy was yelling random stuff at the bear it sorta went downhill at teh end b/c it lost its funniness and just got weird when he pulled out his bro's head

kan0. to date this is probably my favourite animation of yours. the ending had me laughing so much. for me, thats what made this movie so good. also i just basically like your storytelling style and folktale landscapes. good luck with future movies.

two heads are better then one (inless one of the heads is rotting on ur shoulder and dead!) Kickass flash story, MAKE MORE!

glad to see the portal doesn't totaly suck as. and since this is "#1" i can't wait to see more! good work! that was fucking halarious

Its one of my favorite games great job.

The axe man was funny. aaahahaha im going to kill you bear ahahahahah.

Make more plz plz plz.

Funny! great! thats it!


ja det et koselig lite eventyr...

The snow loop in the begining could be better, your a Great artist keep on doing good work

Oh that was great! I was laughing the whole way through. the animation on the whole thing was top notch.

that was freakin great... the setup with orvald was funny as hell and the whole story was really good. thank god u kno how to animate well too so it wasnt all wasted. plus the voices and music were really good too.

That was a very funny animation. A little morbid, but morbidly funny. It had such a nice, happy ending! But... his brother's dead, right? So is the head just going to rot up there now? Or will he be able to get blood flow to the brain and live again? So many unanswered questions!


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