Not Another Teen Movie

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Hey, even tho i seen the movie before i seem to keep watching it alot lately.. so for any of you that havent seen it GO WATCH IT!! and heres a little teaster of 1 of the songs in the movie :D

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That deserves an apple out of a coconut cream!, but Newgrounds won't accept my rating system based on pie flavors.


I've always liked that movie, and the song was so funny! To all the people who totally flamed this auidio, just shuttup and give this person a break! At least they bothered to actually do something, unlike some people who don't get off their fat asses ever!!!
Well done! :D


I like the movie. It's really funny. And I like the big song close to the end of the movie. But uh...why did you make this? And why does the song double itself over and over? But anyway, glad someone likes the movie besides me. :)

The movie sucks.

The movie sucks, I don't understand why people like it, its just dumb. And there is no work put into this either, you could of made a cartoon to go with it. This is just lame. Anyone could make a crapy background and put some music in it, and add some buttons and words that don't even have to be there. Try harder next time. It seems that your other movies are okay, and I don't understand why this is still on, I've seen other guys make movies that are even better then this, and they get blamed, thats sad.

so its just a song

ok .. so the song is funny .. the movie is a good film.. but theres just a pic.. not even a crappy stick singing it.. which prob would have made it 10 times better than what it is

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May 31, 2004
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