imp, episode 17

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Episode 17, after bustin delayed it again(partial my own fault tough) i took over his voice this time, since his regulair substitues are so loyal as my dog..So in this episode bustin has a new voice for the 5th time..sigh..



Like ive said before,imp kicks ass!lol,keep up the awsome work!This series is great!and its just getting better and better!=)


RogerregoRRoger responds:

hehe, okay thanks..By the way, im making a new sonic movie, so i might need another of your music loops for vectors rap..I'll come back to that later..


YES... the man is BACK, and he has brought with him another GREAT episode of I.M.P!! woot! hahah. now i havent watched the last few episodes, but this was really good! hehehehe, although i think that the audio and visual effects could have been better, the content was very funny!! hehehe...
well, heres what i think....
GRAPHICS::: were same old, same old for this series... sure, they could have been better, but i'm always happpy aslong as they are reasonably well drawn, with lots of colour. But as always, they could have done with just a little bit more detail, and could have been a bit cleaner. so overall, graphics were pretty good, but can always use improving.
SOUND::: once again, same old, same old for this series... and that equels B.A.D... heheh, well, i must say, the background music was very good, and was used in the right places at the right times... for me, that really brought the 'sound' score up. but as always, the audio acting (not so much the voices,) but the quality was shocking. m3h, it kept the filesize down (i hope!), and WAS audible... so not much of a biggy... but the sound could have been (and can always be) improved on A LOT!!!! so 5/10 for sound...
INTERACTIVITY::: = 1 because of the links to the other pages at the end of the episode.... heheh not much i know, but still... that IS interactive, heh.
STYLE::: 10... definately 10. i've always loved the style of these episodes, and still do. i thought the style was great, and i really loved watching the whole thing! lol. so yah, style was great as always, and was much enjoyed by me throughout the episode.
VIOLENCE::: i gave violence a 4, just because of the 'slap-stick' effect throughout the episode... i know that there wasnt that much violence, but it was pretty funny (and violent) when one of the campers fell onto the tree branch and was impailed... heheh, (and then, of course, he was perfectly fine about 3 seconds later!! hahaha, theres cartoons for ya!). so violence was quite humorous, and got a 4.
HUMOR::: was G00D!! hahaah, once again, the humor in this episode was great, as it has been throughout ALL of the IMP's... the content was very funny, and i enjoyed all of it.
So overall, i really enjoyed this episode of IMP, but i really think that if you are going to spend a lot of time making an episode, you should really think about putting more effort into the graphics quality, since the sound qaulity is far from reasonable. but still, i loved it. so keep up the GREAT work, man. i am really looking forward to seeing another episode of IMP... well done.
overall score: 7/10

RogerregoRRoger responds:

eh..okay thanks..In episode 18 the art style will be complety changed, full motion and thinner outlines..And the audio..er..i'm still wrestling with that

not too good

voice-acting is terrible... and btw, in the beginning, you can see the end of the legs.
for the effort:

RogerregoRRoger responds:

eh..okay thanks

can you speak english?

shit that was annoying.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

same to you

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May 31, 2004
3:16 AM EDT
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