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Flash Action Script Tut

rated 3.38 / 5 stars
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May 30, 2004 | 6:39 AM EDT

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This is a flash action script tutorial.
Based entierly on things you can do with action scripting.. This Tutorial Includes:

How to make an object movable with arrow keys
How to make a dress up game
How to make a custom cursor
And how to make a 3D rotating cube using **ONLY** action script

P.S. when the black screen come up move your cursor around the screen and towards the center of the black screen



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well done buddy.

Thanks for re-doing the graphics from your last attempt at this, i already liked the last tutorial and was sad that it got blammed, well done.

I fifend to keep it up, cheers buddy.

Vance responds:

Wow, thanks alot! lol you saw that blam huh? *shakes head* well, i came back and i made it better! added sound and stuff.. THANKS FOR YOUR REVIEW!! : )


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

sweet tutorial!!

damn man... now THIS is what tutorials should be like. dang!!! lol... that was really good dude, really, Really good. there were plenty of good things about this tutorial.
first of all, it covered things that people would ACTUALLY use (well, maybe apart from the rotating cube... lol). so it had very good content, and im sure that n00bs to actionscript ALL around will thank you for these tips! hahaha...
also, the movie itself was easy to understand. this is essential, because if people didnt understand what the F@#$ you were talking about, well, they wouldnt get what to do! hahah, so yeh, it was easy to understand, with no gibberish (apart from where necessary).
The sound and graphics were also pretty good throughout this movie, (considering it WAS a tutorial.) and the actionscript was readily available, and easy to access. so that was also good.
Overall, this tutorial was very good. it consisted of realistic tips for realistic actionscript related things. the tutorial itself was easy to understand, and was backed up by some kool music and nice graphics. so well done to you, dude... Kudos to you.
overall score: 7/10

Vance responds:

Thanks alot man, i saw one of your reviews a second ago and was like "damn, that's a long review!" and looked at all your reviews and on every review you have a constructive review, a long review... show's that you are a great person and i thank you for putting your time into givin me pointers on my flash, once again.. thankyou!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Press f9, then....

it just comes up with a bunch of weird action stuff, now text boxes or anything - what to do? anyway great move - looks really useful

Vance responds:

lol "looks" usefull.... THANKS!!! really i love these reviews... they mean so much to me. thankyou so much.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Thanx alot it really helps me with that 3d cube!

Vance responds:

You're so very welcome!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


I've always wanted something like this.

At the end, there is no next button to see what's after the action of the cube, we need to right click and press forward.

Cube doesn't work...
Clothes doesn't work...

Vance responds:

Maybe you should try exporting the cube and clothes as flash 6.... or flash 7 that's the problem for some people... im sorry it didn't work for you. if you really wanna get it working you can contact me at

And yes i know there is no next button at the end