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Little Fighter Alpha Ch.2

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MaxR: Well here is is, Chapter 2 of my LFA series. If you havent watched Ch.1 before, please watch it first http://newgrounds.com/po
rtal/view.php?id=168976 I have teamed up with Gooffy123 since he knows a lot about the Little Fighters. Enjoy our movie <]:O) . Who can spot a peon in the movie?
Gooffy123: I think this movie has improved a lot during the weeks. We got what we wanted from it and we hope you enjoy it. Chapter 3 will be coming out within a month or so. You now know more about the Little Fighters. Enjoy!



Dude this series you have created is so cool but i have one thing to say in the game little fighter 2 ya they have the powers u have in your series but the powers in the game are like weaker than the ones in your series but the reason u made them be all maxed out and all is because if they had the regular non maxed out powers like they do in the game it would be boreing take louis for example in chapter one his double pheonix power is way!!! more stronger and firens fire blast in chapter 9 are stronger too awesome work dude

MaxR responds:

Indeed, I wanted to make their powers more interesting!

i like it again

for all your movies : 5

MaxR responds:

for all ur reviews, thx.


I like it. The music was cool. So was the fighting even thow it could use some work.

MaxR responds:

When doing a fighting scene with multiple people, it seems so long, but when you play it its so short.

Very Nice

I am a big fan of the game, and the movie is great.
(but dude it's a forest not a jungle)

MaxR responds:

yup someone already mentioned dat.

very nice!!!

good action scene! and after I've heard Offspring I knew what I'll rate 5/5 10/10

MaxR responds:

lol thanks, I don't know what I was thinking when I used that song for this movie though.

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4.28 / 5.00

May 29, 2004
10:22 PM EDT