Little Fighter Alpha Ch.2

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MaxR: Well here is is, Chapter 2 of my LFA series. If you havent watched Ch.1 before, please watch it first http://newgrounds.com/po
rtal/view.php?id=168976 I have teamed up with Gooffy123 since he knows a lot about the Little Fighters. Enjoy our movie <]:O) . Who can spot a peon in the movie?
Gooffy123: I think this movie has improved a lot during the weeks. We got what we wanted from it and we hope you enjoy it. Chapter 3 will be coming out within a month or so. You now know more about the Little Fighters. Enjoy!



Freaking great music and drama
maybe the music was a little loud?
Its still great. And please name the musics if you can?

-And you pictures hell yeah
is mush more better...

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MaxR responds:

The main song for this chapter is a song by Offspring - Staring at the Sun, the rest of the soundtracks used are listed in the end of the movie.


Okay I liked the first part but this is too much, what with the dramatic scenes and suddenly rock music?! And stop stealing OSTs from games like Heroes of M&M 3 :P

MaxR responds:


Okay episode to a great series

The fight was a little to quick but at least the story's advancing. The timing with the song and Bat's lasers were pretty cool. Its a good thing that your fights improved greatly in the other episodes but I have to be honest on this one. Every episode in a series can't be spectacular, can it? I still commend you on this great series anyway.

MaxR responds:

Thanks, I do try making every chapter count now, I guess I didn't really back then when I was just starting using flash. I'm glad you enjoy this series!

Cool and good audio

good audio and fight scenes good too

MaxR responds:

I think you mean good song right? Thanks.


Okay, My thoughts about this film is Its Good , But Kinda SLow , It would be more exciting if She was Held Hostage a bit Longer then yea something , still Its good as it is :) And OffSprings FTW :D
The Ending Song did't match , Still you get a 9 from me :)

MaxR responds:

lol I know, but back then I was still a novice at making flash movies. There are plenty of things I could have changed to made it better, but the past is the past, I'll just have to better in the future chapters.

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4.28 / 5.00

May 29, 2004
10:22 PM EDT