Childhood Mishaps ep.1

May 29, 2004 –
October 1, 2018
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Author Comments

This is the tale of a boy who gets very pissed off when his school installs a new slide. After a run in with his teacher he takes drastic measures to try to make things right. Special appearances by Christopher Lloyd and the Beastie Boys! This is episode 1 of 6, so stay tuned!


a very starge story about a silde

ok what the f*** was that all about, and bulls*** did that happen come on back to the future, is JUST A FILM!!!

Great Scott!!

I don't know why you're getting bad reviews on this at all. Yea, the graphics are a tad plain but I thought it was pretty good. The overall story was a little strange but I'm waiting for the next episodes before I form an opinion. I loved the sound. It was very clear. And the voices, those were good hehe. This comment was about as eclectic as your movie...


That was the stupiest thing I ever seen on New Grounds. Was this your first creation? PLEASE tell me why in the name of hell di you make this. It made no sense at all.

Not very good at all, it made no sense

Dude, that was rubbish, i could get better stuff than that out of my ass, its not funny, you stole music from family guy and the brak show and its crappy!

good job man

i'm a lil slow I had watch it a few times but you did a good job dude this IS the truth. Thanks Peace

<deleted> responds:

Hey, thanks for checking out my flash! As always, you totally rock!

Wait a sec!

Did you say based on actually events in the beginning?!.... cool

<deleted> responds:

Yeah, this whole thing is based on real events. Hang in there till' ep.6 and you'll see what I'm talking about.


*1* I love the way the episodes start *2* the sound quality is really good (the characters voices are weird though, lol) *3* The style is unique, I like that... *4* Good job!

*ps. I know it's "teen" I spelled it wrong- blah*


<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the great review!

good, needs work

its good, its funny, and its original
the graphics need work though man.... but who knows, maybe your next is better

this shit is phat

a little bit of brak show music a lot of ATHF fan and you come out with a masterpiece!! brilliant

funny bitch

good shit. once i heard the brak theme and then there was the flying delorian i was like 'this bitch is cool'. im down with that funny shit.

it was ok

the charecters look like there a rip off of the ones from the n64 game misfits but other than that it was ok

Not good enough sorry dude, not on newgrounds

Excual events HAHA!

<deleted> responds:

Marcy projects........WHAT?!?

Cool movie dude.....

Good movie which i find hard to believe that it was really based on an actual event because of the time machine but still good any how.

For some reason, I thought this was about a slide

PROJECTOR az opposed to a playground diverzion device. No matter, as I enjoyed watching the tragik eventz unfold. Though the componentz that went into this film were borrowed, the way in which they were implemented were very original and neat. Of course, this would also imply itz creator haz alot of pent up aggression he would like to release. Hez obviously got alot 2 say, and hez intent on letting hiz bulletz do the talking.


-Don Cornball
-Founding Member of the UnderDawgz

Its good

All it needs is better graphics.


Frylock and I'm on top, rock you like a cop, meatwad your up next with your knock knock.

Where were the beastie boys?

<deleted> responds:

Where is anybody? Look, I didn't say buttload! (long pause) I said assload! Why does everything gotta be a federal case with you? =)

Good movie, but about ur profile...

Actually, its: My name is, shake zula, the mike rula, wanna shake? ill bring to ya!

(Cross the meatbridge!)

<deleted> responds:

I am the lord of illusions! Seriously though, it is "trip", check it:
Now come here and slip in it........if you dare!


for the sake of god, someone tell me where that musics from?!?
the one at the beginning, NOT beastie boys, sabotage..

<deleted> responds:

It's from flash kit under cartoon sounds and it's called ant march or something.


this could have had a lot more to it.. it could have had a lot more too it. You could have had some more music to dialougue seens and maybe evena first person shooter when it came to the tracter dude. But in the end it was very Stupendous. -Cicio


i liked it in the begining.. but when he pulled out the gun... i was kinda dissapointed... i just kinda new what was gonna happen... i just dont like movies when they go out to kill some guy...
but thats me..


That was too weird...even for my tastes.

and that only for a slide?

madness like... that is all i have to say


I kept falling asleep during this. the animation and sound was great, but to me, the story was REALLY lacking


It coulda even been better..next time don't use pictures for backgrounds. You will be rated higher. Love the Graphics.. the people looked great.

The sound was the best part

work on the graphics a little more next time.

Great, SCOT!!! hahaha

that was freakin good, dude... i really liked it alot. it had alot of good aspects to it, and not too many bad things about it!
firstly, the graphics; they were really good. they had an unusual style to them, and the people looked really good, with all the shading and what not... my only problem with the graphics, was those pictures of houses... they just didnt add anything good to the movie... plus they were simply pics from the net! lol... so its always good to make your own backgrounds.
Animation; although this movie didnt contain an abundance of animation, i still thought that overall the movie was animated quite nicely. it wasnt too complicated... but then it wasnt TOO simple. so yah, animation was pretty good i thought.
The Sound; overall, i thought it was excellent! i loved the music, all of the tracks went extremely well for this movie... also, i really liked the sound effects!! they were awesome. it was really funny listening to the people supposedly 'speak' heheh, that was just great. so sound throughout the movie was awesome.
Overall, this movie had a really nice plot, that was funny. the graphics and sound were both quite good, and throughout the movie, it was just plain old funny! so great work dude, keep it up!
Overall score: 8/10


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3.13 / 5.00