Zomborg Apocalypse - 006

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Hey, here's the awaited ZA6! This took alot of work to make so please enjoy and review if you can! Also, unless you have a 3+Ghz processor, you might want to put the quality to medium or low, cause it gets pretty graphics heavy near the end k? Turn down the lights and ENJOY! Thanks NG!
yo if you want to be on the maily list or anything like zomborg pics ect...
email- splankgy@yahoo.com



This is the best zombie flash movie i have ever sceen all of them are i can't wait till number six!! very very good job

SPLANKGY responds:


please make the next one soon...

that big ass zombie
looks so fuckn badass. i cant wait to see
him fuck everyone up!

SPLANKGY responds:

ha ha ha

Pure Zombie Pwnage in a Can

I've seen a lot of Newgrounds, and I have to say, this is some of the best work I've ever seen. What looks to be a simplistic graphic style is so insanely detailed if you take a good look at it. The story is awesome, and the animation is nigh flawless. My only complaint is it isnt longer! This was submitted awhile back, but I've kept some of these on my favorites list to keep checking for new ones. I hope the break in submissions was just so you could pull out all the stops on the next one. Keep em coming.


SPLANKGY responds:

actually, the long break is because i'm in college studying animation and drawing n stuff. I'll try to make some more toons for you guys during summer break, but really i'm too busy to work with flash right now. sorry, but thanks for watching.
glad you liked them!

Holy shit....

Man, That was very intense. Thats got to be the best rush i've gotten from NG yet. Brrrr, and that Tyrant thing is terror, where did you think and desing somthing like that.
P.S. ive given you all 10's for this one because i loved it as well as i'd like you to reply.... Nest part? whats with that? is there going to be a feakin' nest of those fuckers?

SPLANKGY responds:

nest? what are you talking about?
anyway, thanks alot for checking my toons out and i'm glad you enjoyed them. I'm suprised people are still watching these since they've been off of the main pages for months, how did you come across it?
anyway THANKS!

When is the nest part coming out?

Im waiting really long dont suffer me more please!!!

SPLANKGY responds:

yeah sorry. i know there's a long wait...but honestly i haven't even started it yet! thanks anyway!

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4.00 / 5.00

May 29, 2004
2:04 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature May 30, 2004
  • Weekly 3rd Place June 1, 2004