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Lock Hawk Down Part One

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There will be no more LHD. Sorry guys.


great movie

amazing job

pretty good..

..well by far the best clock vs. lock rendition on this site..i liked it..it seems this was only the opening, so im guessing the next few episodes will b much more action packed..that was the only riff i had with this flash ...a whole lot of dialogue...but keep up the good work looking forward to the next episode

*jaw dropped*

that was so good. keep them coming. that was the best thing i've seen in a while

Too much like...

This is way to much like BHD. I read the book, saw the movie, and I play the game. I think that this was an awesome movie but changing the US to Locks and Somalians to Clocks is a little old. I think that your own artistinc flair would be good. Maybe have Clocks win or something.

*sigh* locks...

I have all the time in the world right now so here's my review...I'll try very hard to be objective and precise

Graphics : pretty good, the drawings were sharp, nice graphic style actually, good use of swift3d allthough sometimes there were holes in the helicopter...you lose your points on the cheap lock/clock animations...making a character talk with the little arrow swinging like that is quite boring and stupid and of course the whole character animation is a big 0 since they look very stupid...as you just tween them from one point to another and make them jump around they like were walking in some clockish way...I mean...face it, clocks and all are easy to animate, no face, no limbs, no details...

Sound : The music was AWESOME...hmmm yeah I'll move the sound score up a little, I'm being harsh. But the text-to-speech voices were really lame and annoying, they have no emotion in them, they don'T speak very well and sometime they were hard to understand...BUT there were subtitles so...the "annoyance" factor still remains, they aren't pleasant to hear as a real talented voice actor. But again good job on the music :)

Interactivity: Hmmm it's a movie so...none...and no I don't consider a scene selection to be interactive hehe.

Style: Hmm ok, clocks and locks have been
sincerly and totally overused and the whole thing was a clockish remake of the actual movie black hawk down. So this isn't stylish at all, it's quite usual and unoriginal but the action was ok but it would have been so much better with real characters...even sticks would have been better...

Violence: Yeah man good violence, good action and all, not much to say here

Humor: Some parts were a little funny, again, not much to say.

Overall: I really don't like clock movies (lock movies...same thing) so I'm biased but hey, I like original stuff and well animated stuff, and clocks doesn'T convey any of these qualities. I really implore you to consider other types of characters cause you have the flash skills, just use your imagination and get out of the clock trend please...

Peace and keep it up

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Rho-VIII responds:

Well, because you've given me a constructive review, you have my respect.

I didn't use ANY swift 3d, it was all done in Flash MX, and I knew about the holes in the helicopters but they were too hard to replace...Long story..

Anyways, thanks for the constructive review.

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3.87 / 5.00

May 28, 2004
5:02 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature May 29, 2004