Lock Hawk Down Part One

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There will be no more LHD. Sorry guys.


Tween Hawk Down Part One Rules!

I really like this one and don't care if its a clock or lock movie. I'm going to be completely fair and honest.

Graphics: Very good although nothing impressive.

Sound: Annoying text to speech, however it had sound so an automatic point.

Interactivity: DVD menu cool, website url broken link not so cool. How about something more than a scene select?

Style: Nothing new, a spoof of a good movie with clocks and fruit tweened from pre-made vector images.

Violence: Well, it had recycled vector images of guns from other clock and/or lock movies.

Humor: None, enough said.

Overall: Awsome, oops I forgot the one infront of the zero... meh.

There you have it! I really enjoyed this one and will be sure to review part two.

Rho-VIII responds:

I mean no offense by what I'm about to say:

1) If you liked it why did you give it 0?
2) Ok, so the layers of gunfire, music, voices and helicopters I piled on weren't enough? Damn..
3) Well, what else can I put? Special features? Interview with PeachLock? I would have but I didn't have enough time, it was delayed as it is.
4) I drew those guns myself...

Nicely done

beautiful story...good job

pretty good

But what u guys should have done is make a real or stick people and not food, thats caund of stupid and dosent make any seense. The rest is just fine!

i hate locks and clocks.....

....but i have to admit- that was great! i only gave the sound a lower mark cause o' those damn voices!


VERY VERY VERY nice job! Great visuals, sound, and "filming style" so to speak. Also, the 1st person part was top notch! Can't wait for part 2!

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3.87 / 5.00

May 28, 2004
5:02 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature May 29, 2004