Lock Hawk Down Part One

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There will be no more LHD. Sorry guys.


I Also Hate Clocks And Locks

I Hate Clocks and Locks Like The Guy Before Me, But That Was A Good Enteratining Flash!!!

I hate locks and clocks

But that was so awesome. You did good detailing on everything especially on the m4 203s and the ak-47's. Usually guns look like crap and you did good. I usually hate clocks and you did good. I'm adding this to my favorite flash movies. 5/5

Nice Story

Nice Graphics...to a point.
Audio...i absolutely hate the Microsoft talkers
Story...Yeah. Good work at almost COMPLETELY stealing the story from Black Hawk Down. I mean parody, alright, but it's like fuckin scene for scene regarding major events. No Creativity. tho, much work has been put into this and as an impartial voter, 3.


This movie is awesome. Keep um coming.


All in all this was a very decent movie. The grapics and the sound were exceptional and the DVD function was pretty spiffy. However, I did notice a few small/miniscule problems, which didn't really affect the quality of the movie, but just got a little annoying.

1. I know a lot of people have said this before, but the fact that (especially at the L-Z part) whenever a clock got shot, they simply rolled out of the way. At first I thought the guy rolled out of the way to dodge bullets.
2. This is probably the smallest problem, considering that clock/lock movies are done in TTS, it was a bit hard to understand a few words, this is very nitpickey but I know that whenever I use TTS I usually can break words up into seperate syllables and what not to help the word be more understandable.
3. This is probably the most worhtless comment, and probably too late to make any difference, but I did notice a problem in the prolouge. Now I have only seen Black Hawk Down once, but I thought that the Americans (which I assumed you made the locks) were going into a police action in Ethiopia (clocks), and taking that into account, didn't the clock actually have a reason to fight rather than the americans. That is probably just a stupid comment though, because the clock/lock war was actually a personal fight.

Great movie, can't wait for part two!

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3.87 / 5.00

May 28, 2004
5:02 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature May 29, 2004