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My first flash animaiton. PLEASE EXCUSE THE GLARING SPELLING MISTAKES AND THE MEANINGLESS SYMBOL AT THE START this was never actually intended for the public eye. None the less, I think it still manages to tell an interesting story, go for it fella.


If only I could find the words.

this is one of the most fucking awsome shorts I have ever seen, I dont even know how to explane how good it is.

raaaagh responds:

:D taa mate, Im glad you enjoyed it

(BTW its these sort of responses a year or more on that have inspired me to start work on another movie)


That was one of the best samuria flash I have ever seen!! my jaw is touching the floor.

raaaagh responds:

Thats what I like to hear

Kick ass

hey u just reviewed my 1st toon! thanx! i still dont know how to use sounds can u help?

raaaagh responds:


THen go to tutorials->sound

Good...real Good

Really good story. I liked the twist at the end. Keep it up....keep pumping out more movies like this.

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raaaagh responds:

taa mate

Not bad at all.

I, being an enthusiast of the history of Japan and the Samurai, am usually very harsh on movies that deal with the Samurai. At first, I didn't think much of the movie, especially the body graphics of the "dishonorable" samurai. But then I saw the scene where it was pitch black on one side of the room, lightning struck, and you see the samurai. And then it fades, and when it strikes again, he is gone. That's all that had to do it for me. It just went straight up from there. Excellent ending. Although I think a samurai would be more outright to just come and say "I CHALLENGE YOU!", you still did a very good job. Decent sound, decent graphics, excellent plot and style. I give it an 8. Keep it up.

raaaagh responds:

fair enuf

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3.61 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2000
1:25 AM EDT