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Updated 05/28/04:
I streamed the music and put the framerate to 11.4 fps (didn't knew that would work)

now you can only complain about the style of music, but it is perfectly synchonized.

sit back and relax for 1:43 minutes. This frame-by-frame animation is based on the song from Estradasphere named Transformation.

It was work for school I had finished may 27 2004. One day before deadline.

The story is simple but hard to read as it is more symbolic. anyhow enjoy.



Wow...not easy to get a 10 from me...

Just so you know, if you ever put Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit music in your flash...I'll f*ckin' kill you. That last guy was a moron.

The artwork was phenomenal. I loved the hero being red and the metamorphosis from blob to the hero was great. I loved the twist at the end. VERY artsy...in a GOOD way.

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It was so open

so many ways to interperate...so many symbolic possibilities. I thought it was perfect, the flash was perfect, the music perfect (though incrediblly hard to download) and the emotion perfect. I dont believe including any more story or plot into it would have been a good idea because it would not be perfect, however, please respond to somebody (anybody) as to what you were trying to express. Its downright cruel to leave it so open for analization like that! Maybe a hint? A clue? I can't find the clear message and its burning through my soul!

That was really great.

Nice work Quelantaro.


Truly amazing, thats a keeper right there, loved it.

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Viva La UCFD!

Thank you Tom for frontpaging the flash that I voted for :)

This movie is awesome, but I guess it might bore those who aren't inclined to animation. The music is by Estradasphere, whose first album I bought after watching this movie YEARS ago.

I'm still crossing my fingers in hopes that Crimson Pistols, my other nomination, gets front page as well. The author for that film doesn't seem to be motivated to continue the trilogy, so I would hope that a front page post would definitely provide his needed motivation.

Excellent film. It has been on my favorites for ages.

For those who don't know, this film just won an award! It got 8th place in UCFD rankings!

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3.84 / 5.00

May 27, 2004
2:15 PM EDT