((((((((( LIFE )))))))))

May 26, 2004 –
August 20, 2008
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Author Comments

First of ALL Thank you for voting this flash third place, this flash is about how god create life..And then ..
I make this last year for the contest, u can see more in my site. Sorry my english is not that good and I am a old man, I speak Italian.
Sound by Roberto Frattini.
Also check out my favorite flash http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/169823


dunno if anyone else noticed but the deleted planet fell next to earth. Or one that looked alot like earth

I want a plaent making machine thingy

It was a good flash. Movie wise, it was really nice

If it were only true...

love it, The simplicity of the animation really attracts to me, i wish i could draw or animate as well as you :)

God wouldn't have done that... (on the ending)

That was really awesome!!! He on accident made a messed world. Then he deleted it like the other worlds. FUN-NY!!!

That's clever made ^^ It is just the truth. XD

i am a big fan of your work and seen it many times before,including on funny-city.com
try to get your nuero movie on here, its one of my favorites

aint it the truth

The message was strong, no wonder. I guess we can't do anything about it. We just go on with it

Really good flash, the animation was very simple but worked very well and the sound was perfect.
Funny and witty!
I love the end where earth is in the trash! Whoops, spoiler!
Nice one!

What the hell was that?

This was one of the best videos on N.G. I have ever seen!

it al fits nice

great flash. the message is good and the ending is awsome.

This feels wonderfully Italian, a short film with well integrated audio that has a great heart and humor. Keep up the great European animation traditions.

it was awsome, simple, good. made me chuckel hehe awsome sound music and well the message was sobering as well keep it up have a good day

Life doesn't get any better then allot of intolerant idiots arguing about religion on a reply to a movie on newgrounds.

I don't care if your and Evangelist or a Neoliost, you still should respect other peoples opions, even if they're wrong. (or you think they're wrong)

In conclusion SHUT THE FUCK UP

digo3 how about some facts to support your claim that christianity is true? no that might take some work. After all it's only been recently in history that you have to give any reason for what you believe. Before that you "good christians" just killed people if they questioned anything. Do some real research and watch "the god who wasn't there" or read "god is not great". stop putting all that holy nonsense in your head from the babble...i mean bible..same thing. why don't u go kill yourself so we can add you to the Darwin awards. Remember Evolution is just a theory...KIND OF LIKE GRAVITY!!!!!!

That may be how god created the world. Also gRimrah, your not an atheist. You're an emo. And you don't know shit... for we care the "Stupid bullshit we Christians believe" is true and you got nuttin to say bout it. Happy Hannukah Fatass!

sad but true im speaking of course of how the world is not about the whole god thing god = no lol yay im atheist

GREAT COMEDY Mr. Bozzetto but just not up to par with Adam.
To the future audience who haven't watched Mr. Bozzetto, I've a word of advie,
WATCH THIS ONE BEFORE THE OTHERS OF THIS AUTHOR SO THAT YOU DON'T FEEL A SLIGHT WAVE OF DISAPPOINTMENT. It's only slight. Because this is funny...just not as funny as the others.

Chissà, forse come in tutte le cose c'e' una certa proporzione di successi ed insuccessi.

Who knows, maybe, like in all activities there is an amount of failures and an amount of successes.

It's pretty good. I like the idea, and its also kind of true.


its fine try harder next time

Hehe, very funny. I wonder if God feels like that? Nice movie, loved it fo shizzle.

most true thing ive seen in a while

im sad to say it but ur movie right there

Man u ar right its horrible and i wish u were dead wrong but.....ure right and its so sad. :'(((((((((((((((((((

the sad thing is hes sort of right

nice one that was actualy pretty good i liked it keep it up but um try to make a game i know u can make one u make good cartoons

I'm amazed that Zorbrak the previous reviewer gave you a 2 but wrote so much. How can one explain that? You have touched the fear hidden within everyone of us -- the danger of the civilized lives. No I don't think Bruno you're questioning God, you are questioning us, the human race! This I hope is not a prophecy, but a warning to us all. We are granted by God our free will, how do we use it? We need to take the responsibility ourselves. Zorbrak, Bruno is not questioning God. The end of the world is also written in the Bible.

What I like about the style is, the proportion of the seven days is perfect. The first five days are peaceful and "uneventful", because everything is in harmony with God's wish. Then on the sixth day the mood changed, brilliantly. Details are given to explain the change. Then on the seventh day, a surprise: short and powerful ending.

Graphics is not of the greatest quality. But I believe Bruno does not want the message to be interfered by well drawn graphics. This flash is not only for entertainment, but it is also a meditation of our present and future. Crude graphics serves your purpose quite fittingly.

One question I have is: why does God wear glasses? It reminds me of Dumbledore in Harry Potter.

Wow I hated this. I don't know if this was supposed to be funny or what, but if it was supposed to be humerous, then it was pretty dark. I personally didn't like this at all. Maybe this is just a matter of my own opinion, nevertheless, I don't know why anyone would think about life this way. Sometimes we as human beings may feel god has abandoned us, but who are we to question him? I guess I'm over-reacting a little bit, but if you want to be technical about this review: I didn't like the graphics or sound one bit, and I usually am generous about reviews. No offense to the person who made this... I just don't know why anyone would like this. Though it is a little humorous in a dark way I have to admit.

Good thing God isn't a quiter.

-Well, they weren't something to be marveled at, but they were fine, and took nothing away from the cartoon.
-Animation was pretty well done, too.

-I like it, I like it a lot.
-You had a really good idea going with this flash.

-Nothing short of amazing.
-Everything from the music to sound effects sounded great and matched the visuals perfectly.

-I wouldn't call it violence exactly, because it was pretty funny when the car ran over the guy, and when the little girl gets snatched into the alley.

-You had a play button, so I can't give you a 0.

-See violence section.

Final Verdict: 8/10


I would've given you a tem, but the graphics weren't all that great. Other than that great job, ignore all those bible hippies out there. You did great!

funny. oh and to the guy before me, there is no meaning of life, god is dead and death is inevitable. :)

press some buttons
you got earth

press another you got no earth

I'm just glad this isn't making fun of christianity like most movies in this collection

o yeah

we aint get tossed aside yet

hehe, yteah, I think we got tossed aside some time ago too };->

That was soooo funny!! I would've loved it to be longer but that was brilliant!!

Sorpredente XD

he made he killed. time turns people change.

the 5th day he created life there fore the 6th day he destroys it...
yup that about sums it up.
pretty good(ps i have no problem with the earth ending...im just
not afraid...who the hell am i kidding of course i am)great flash

yup we mest this planet up...but its a verry good flash.
if u liked them to, i say: just make more i will whatch then!

ps. graphics were low but still verry good and to understand and fun.
keep it up!!!!

very true, and nicely made.

to guy before me:
God is not the dickhead, we're the dickheads, it was us that screwed up this planet.

that was a very funny flash.
i liked it.
the ending OMFG LOL i hope that's not really what God's like.

life. it makes perfect sense. i wish that i was never born so i wouldnt have to agree with the trueness of this flash. I hate life. I am schizophrenic and a drug addict like my abusive mother and i was also abused by my moms boyfriend and when i was seven......wait the the fuck am i telling you? anyway, life sucks dick and if there is a god than he is a dick head.

Thats life for you, I love the end where he deletes it nd then we find out that earth isnt his only mistake, thats so great. it sums up life in one shot.

I have seen this flash awhile ago, yet I could not find out where I got it from. I found "the joy of sects" and came across this so I had to give my two cents in finally. It was great when it first came out, and it was great just then. It's so true to life.

Very nice! This IS about how God creates life, and how this life goes. I particullary liked the final part, when you see the Earth in the trash!

Great job! I look forward to your future contributions.

Good piece of flash! Have you tries playing starcraft on cd cos that blue+orange planet in the trash looks so much like Tarsonis!

we got deleted :(
thats no fun.
Awesome flash though.

If you look care fully into the trash you will see Earth. I TOLD THEM GOD HAS GIVEN UP ON US!!!!

A 4 out of 5


Ciò è per voi in modo da conoscete che cosa sto dicendo. Quella è una striscia comic brillante. Assolutamente lucidando. La mia parte favorita è quando la terra è generata con i buidings su. Quella era una striscia comic divertente.

I liked how you did the portrayal in this flash too, good job once again.

ya this world is a crappy place sometimes.

.....this made me think how crap life is and how much humans have screwed up the world....

No doubt, I enjoyed it.
Catch a frase:(not a message)
You have brought religion into my life, I didnt believe in Hell before I met you.

Funny stuff. That is exactly how I see the universe. Some guy pushing buttons to make things happen. Good social commentary too.

he should not hav pressed 6. lol!

So... i guess, that's quite real!

did any1 else notice that earth was in the delete box lol

this movie is a very good metphor to what goes on today

Briliant, makes us wonder about some things...

hmmmm, i think this should give us something to think about in our world.....

another good flash from my favourite artist. it is a true story as well although it is not as funny as the others flashes by this author. highly reconmended all the same though.

Oh my god (sorry) it was so true P.S. the pida file was a bit close to the mark though but apart from that great.

So true...

the music suits the movie well

Bruno, u are very good making flash! Grandioso, continua così! (it's italian[i'm italian], and means: great, continue like this!)

Great animation and sum up of life.

Thats life for ya.

man that is so real...I mean..., when we think about it , it's our world and it's a piece of shit, nice concept!

nice moral
should help little kids!


the message about human nature was clear, great satire :)

In this flash it appears that we dissapointed God by hurting ourselves and devaluing our own lives. And, we have done these things by often allowing sin to controll us.

God gave us everything we needed and it's unfortunate that we decided to throw ourselves away by doing things to hurt ourselves and destroy our own lives. Thankfully The Lord didn't throw us away. He instead sent his son to save our sins so that we can enter heaven when our time on earth has expired.

Romans 3:23
"for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus."

lol this is great i did not get it at first but then about half way throght i got it

Yea, soon god will press Delete on us

very good work, i hope to see more especially like europe and italy that was great!

Very interesting, i liked the bit with the trash can at the end.

Nice concept i just didn't like the huge city bit.

The music worked so well with it. Good job

that was very good, nice sounds, and very smoother animation......plus it is kindof true..

PS: what kind of Flash software do you use??????

:) good job

Nice lesson about god wonder if he realy feels that way!
Well the holocast didn't tick him off... We won't deleated anytime soon!

Now again which of your flashes arent?

That was amazing! I loved the music!

wow, that was so funny, and yet it was also kind of depressingly deep as well.

Excellent work once more, fully deserves the heaps of praise it recieves. Congratulations on once again making a flash that is one of my favourite. Animation again is supreme, sound is excellent and of course your work is funny once more.

I love this and your adam one was also good so plz infrom me because i like your work

I love your work!

really good

Hehe, very nice

Yep, this will happen to the earth lol.

Not quite a new idea but I loved how it was presented. first off, your animation was average but it still seemed somehow fitting. The music was very appropriate. There's just something about how this flash came across it was very well done. Lastly I do wish to comment on ff98mh5's review, God does exist you moron.

Overall, keep up the good work and thank you for submitting.

good concept of life and wat god might look like if he was real.

p.s that music is so cool... lol

good work

Nice movie!

P.S: Allora ci sono italiani a newgrounds! :D

Bona li, Bruno!

Il film in sé è una lamentela contro l'umanità, effettuata in modo ironico, ma che sottende una visione pessimistica della realtà. Il sonoro è simpatico e funzionale, proprio come la grafica, la cui semplicità non è affatto una pecca. Giudizio: 9. E 5/5 nella sezione voti.
Mi piace il tuo stile (ho visto poco fa Europe & Italy, ora guarderò Adam), e non buttarti giù dicendo "I'm a old man"! Insomma, uno che a 66 anni frequenta Newgrounds non può essere certo definito vecchio! Spero che tu produca altre opere! Ciao!

I watched your three movies now and I must say, I really like your simple style of drawing. :) To me this looks just as good as let's say "Prowlies at the river", maybe even better. :D

Keep up the good work, we love your movies. :D

Looks like you got your inspiration from Bruno Bozzetto's ((((((((( LIFE ))))))))). Not that it's a bad thing :)

Well done.

I liked how you smoothed the animations... and i liked it... but it needed more color... :( no offensiveness.

well done dude that was really sad but spot on

Once again, another great idea. This, time, you really showed what you can do, Bruno, with this film. It really relates to how our world is today and how it is going to end if it continues at the same rate. Another thing I found swell was the gag from the Bible that "God created Earth in 7 days", like it represents here about the main character that creates worlds and destroys them instantly. I’m not Christian, so I found the joke incredibly hilarious.
The graphics are always simple, neat and keep the movie equilibrated. The sound is also perfect. It always fits right in the movie.
(Final grade of your work: 10/10! For incredible style, neat ideas and perfect graphics and smart sound organization!)

your a brillient man to be able to describe the world in it's creation that was one of the more intellegent flashes on newgrounds very good job dont listen to the people who call your work stupid because there the stupid deadbeats who go to newground and wack off the entire day
great job

Bruno, I have one of your tapes with the prince nd the magical book, and the guy with the super car, etc. You haven't failed to amaze me yet. You're truly a genius.

I gotta give you Props for your take on our existance. Sad, but so true...

A short flash, but it tells us a lot

was good. made me think.

but other than that, very amusing. Twas sooo true. There are some good things that happen, I mean, if we're still around, also, the jesus freaks probably balance us out. But that is a good point, touching with the most recent event... holding a school hostage in Russia (innocent children). Pretty damn retarded.

I wonder how long it will take for that to happen...

this resembles real life so much. i couldnt stop laughing. great job.

-It's short and to the point.
-It's interesting and clever.
-It kinda makes me wonder if God looks anything like that.

I love this movie! It's kind of a neat way to look at the world, like we're in "The Sims". I also give sound a 10 because the music was very well done! 5/5

I've got one of those machines at my house. I just don't have batteries for it yet. =D

it"s like if playing god

That was pretty good! The sound was brilliant!

This was really bad and u didnt make it so ~GOD~ said neything u need to get help if thats how u see the world

I love the way you make your Flashes man. They're entertaining on both a simple and intellectual level.

I like the last part, very unexpected

interesting way to look at it

very good

makes you think doesnt it

I guess you just can't ever get it just right.


That was Excellent.

now i know why people say we are in the end of times!

correct me if im wrong but it is about why god would want to destroy earth? i think it is an awsome movie and it has my 5


very nice, seemed professional to me, good idea too, perfectly aligned sounds and tuned just right, i liked it alot

Italians do the best animations, Bravo!

LoL nice work, cool i see your a fan of the Maxr, the maker of the little fighter alpha series.

That was good....You have a very good imagination and you created a nice flash movie..... Congratulations!!!!

Very nicely done, that was really creative, animation was simple looking but yet it still kept its very cartoony appeal. Excellent art form none the less great, looking foward to more like it.

ur fucking awesome. style was great, animation was smooth, and sound was awesome. my advice would be to revise it and make it longer

Excellent flash.

Wonderful style and animation, and very funny at first. It got to the point a little too quickly, though, I think.

I would have liked it to be a little longer; maybe God could push some more buttons (like "SMITE"!) to try and fix things before he finally pushes the final button.

In short, I really would have liked it to be funnier. But don't get me wrong, I LOVE your style; please make more of these!

P.S. To the reviewer who said that all liberals are pessimistic: good job feeding on stereotypes! Maybe they ARE in America because all you ever see on your news channels are murders and robberies. Watch CBC or something for a change, and you'll be surprized at how DRAMATICALLY the subject matter changes.

Very smooth motion,good style and not 2 much violence!I like that in a flash!

yup...that what i mostly see these days

If I could rate sound/style higher than 10 I would. I love how this movie isn't stick/nintendo related. Great concept and very smooth and professional animation. I also like the fact there there is no real voice acting (as that tends to be over done by nerdy pre-pubescent kids these days). Your maturity is evident in the quality of your work and the content, I am impressed, keep up the great work!

This animation is awesome. I voted 4 on it. I'd really like to see some more movies by you. Keep up the great work.

And that Benjamin_Schwarz is a totally newbie and an idiot. He's very new to NG and he hasn't made any movies. He has just written two reviews and he doesn't know how to rate movies. He rated 0 for violence, just because it's too "violent". Actually, that's the thing. "Violence" deserves a 10 because it is violent. He doesn't get NG.

So... keep up the good work. I really love oyur movies. :)

i liked your animations a lot... but your idea of "life" sucks....

even thought there is violence in the world, all you liberal people "see" is the violence...

show some good scenes...

you know...

people don't always kill each other...

U have got to be crapin me on that was well for lack of a better word sh1t!!!

It was very good, yet very weird. Its a good flash showing how corrupt and how horrible humans are.

very good story line, quite good graphics,and the music is pretty good.

Overall: 9

Good story. Depicts the everyday life of everyone fairly well honestly, or atleast in the US as i hear it...

This was a great movie and thts all i got 2 say.

that was an ausome flash. real good idea.

This was just so fucking cool!! its also really inspiring! the music makes me want to watch it again! Keep up the good work!

That really made me think... How all these bad things happen, but yet we trudge on anyway. The unique look at the interactions of this creator with life, at the push of a button, his final choice was saddening, but who can say we wouldn't do the same if we had those choices? If a world, a mass conglomeration of life, could be altered at a touch of a button? One begins to think of the problems, and choices faced the leaders of the Cold War, and today. To think that any person could alter life with a motion of a finger, is unthinkable. How could we let things come to that? Many questions, and few questions. This is a real gem. To provoke such thought is a gift. Congratulations.

Excellent! I like it!

its funny because its true....

not bad at all, the sound was good, the moral was good, and it was even rather graphic for stick figures, good job!

I honestly didn't know there were an 65 year old Italian Flash Animators, but you make me glad that there are. Superb job, sir.

God should have stopped at button no.4 ...

OMG, i cant believe ur Mister Rossi creator, Iv seen all these cartoons when i was a kid. Im surprised u got interrested in doing flash ... wich i must say u are good at.

Loved this animation with biblic references. even if the graphics were simple, they fitted perfectly with the sound & the original concept. Since the subject is highly ironic, i think this animation could have be more humoristic.

Honestly, i have no more advices for you since you have been doing animations before i was born ^^
...just keep on submitting more original quality animations to NG.

that movie seemed like a cross between film school student/independant film. but thats ok, i like those. good work

It's very beautiful, a simplistic flash movie with a deep message to share. The presentation and story telling style has that child-like innocence that shows the trash that is our present reality. Wow. Beautiful.

I like it a lot

it was pretty interesting. its also pretty funny when the guy jumps out of the window

A whimsical view of God's creation of the world, but the depiction of the horrors of modern life are entirely true. These terrible things do happen in real life, as I'm sure all of you know. Let's just hope that we can fix that before God really does delete us and throws out the planet.

i thought this flash was very different and interesting i really liked it, it really showed how people think of the world, btw i LOVED the music lol keep up the handy work ;)

thi sis very cool brought with an awesome new style, ive acually seen alot of your tooons on flashplayer before you started putting them here. and i was wondering WHY DONT YOU PUT YES AND NO ON NEWGROUNDS!!!!!!???????!!!!!??? that was MY FAVOURITE!!!!! itd probably get a better scor ethen this im gonna go review all your movies telling you to put it up

my hood is WAAAAAAAAY more violent than that, but this was kinda interesting. makes me think.

LOVED IT! Very true. NICE!

I like your style of animation, and the idea of this flash was a good one. Keep making more!

this is a good submission!
it shows wery well how our planet is complete trash with all the killing... i hope it makes other ppl relize how bad this planet is, (or mabe other planets) keep up the good work.
newgrounds needs more of stuff like this!

very nice...interesting outlook on the whole "life" thing...loved the music too. keep up the great work.

I love these things, they are the coolest (especially adam). This movie reveals how planet earth really is...a piece of trash. It is deleted and thrown in the garbage like it should be. This cartoon really touched me and I hope to see more. If you havent't seen ((((Adam)))) go watch it now!!!!!!

Graphics: Stick figures...but much nicer. I mean, there's more detail to it than just plain sticks and a ball for the head. Nice work on the other aspects.

Style: Simplistic...and yet, it gets its point across in the story told. Which is wonderous, in itself. The story is viable, not saying that it's true or false or anything like that. That's because nobody has seen the Big Guy before.

Sound: The music and sound effects were where they should've been, nice work. It's truly amazing how the little details such as this can help your story along greatly.

Violence: People shooting each other...sad, seeing how it's like our world.

Interactivity: -

Humor: A chuckle...so sad...

The idea behind this was awesome, I loved it. But maybe you coulda done a bit better than stick figures.

not the greatest but nice for a good laugh. the graphics were a bit shaky. ur idea was nice though. i liked that.

I enjopyed it. It was quite a enjoyable film you put together.

clever, but i kinda hasve to disagree with the whole "point" of it. think you focused a little to much on the negative... stull, not a bad little caartoon (I want one of those controller thingees)

wow its so sad because its true,I gave you a 0 in sound because my comp lost its sound

*sigh* thats our world as it comes i just wish someone would delete it....

Brilliant flash, I'm gonna check out all your works.

Very original and interesting. Good idea and great flash skills.

The whole thing I rated was about a 9/10. Not all the best art, but good animation to back it up with an original style. It was kind of short, but it was interesting and well done. Good job.

very awsom work bro and man thats so true

why ohh why all the violenceeeeeeeeee
just kidding but still its nice

u humans

That is very realistic, it shows how the world can really be, sometimes. Good job. I gave it a high interactivity because most people can relate to that. I can relate to the suicide part for example.

Excellent work, very clever. I liked it, the humour was good and the animation smooth. Keep it up.

That was great; you said you're old - yeah, probably all that time you were making flash movies :). Nothing more to say - it's just awesome. Keep up good work!!!

That was a pretty good animation. I liked how there were so many planet faliures in the garbage. You're definitly good at making flash animations!

I liked this very much, it was quite adorable (in my opinion) and put together very well. Good job. =)

Very enjoyable. Excellent use of metaphors and the translation of evolution and life into a scenario most people can identify with. The point comes across so well. Fine job!

In my opinion, this is the best thing on Newgrounds

I have said it before, and I'll say it again: I love your animation style. It is simplistic, even sparse, yet conveys so much more with its fluidity than if one tried to be too detailed but tripped over one's self. Less is more

Sound is excellent. In fact, I kept humming the tune of when God first walks down the stairs, in my head. All the effects got the job done as well.

As for the message, I agree. As time goes on, things get worse until a final meltdown, or reform comes. Very well done, sir. I rest it on a pedistal above some of the drivel in the flash world

and so true to life...


/ \
/ \
/ \

This is what I think about every day. Very well animated, perfect music, excellent message. This rules... and to all Christians out there: Lighten up, it makes a valid point and besides, God doesn't exist anyway.

Lavoro grande! Faccia altro presto, bene? Era molto divertente!

Omg i found that funny. It was totally awsome make somemore please.

Probaly the best movie on newgrounds when it comes to the term of message.

It got the message through.

not to long but got the point across, good job

short,sweet and funny :)

That was great, the idea is really original... And knowbody is mocking god. And when you think about the story, it's true. I like how the sound was done.

and wtf is wrong with that man_united? if im a fool than u are retarded

i really like this flash.
it makes me think....

Good job. Altough simple, the artwork was nice with good movement. Nice story.

that was one of the best and most unique flashes i have seen...definately in my top ten!

I Salute you

Prince of Darkness
Commander of Dark Army

best flash.

I'd have to say that that was pretty funny. It was amusing earth where it was and all.

Speaking seriously, this was a quality piece of flash. It deserves 3rd place, the video was very witty. I like the part at the end where it shows the box with all the other worlds in it. It speaks the truth.

this is my first review and you did a great job on this movie.

Amazing! well done. The type of animation accented the whole thing. i dont think you could ask for more. Dont even try watching this for laughs but as a tune that make you think a little more. Can't wait to see more of your work.

ok then very odd but well done

I loved this cute story, I hope earth doesn't really end up in that trash bin anytime soon!!!

Amazing everything man, just great! Do another pleeeeeease :)

WoooooW!!!!DuuuuuuuuuDe!!! this was great...sweet graphics...very nice drawings...:D i looking forward to our next World....it makes me think...are we deleted???are we? Are We?

greets mis reddish

really nice little peice of flash...good work good animation and good story.....hahah i still luagh bout it....

congrats real nice goin.

This was a really cutesy smooth-running nice piece of flash that was enjoyable to watch.

This one's even better then ADAM!

i wouldn't be surprised if Bruno Bozzetto was famous in Italy.

This cartoon is very original. Haha. The weird thing is everything is true in that cartoon. Nice work.

I have yet to see anyone on newgrounds make a animation with as great sound direction as this film. well done!

Your style is very original. The meaning behind the flash is very nice. Great flash overall, and hope u make some more.

very quirky and funny, tad short but heck, it didn't need more

loved it.. very cute, quirky.. just a short about the sad reality of our world.. hehe, loved it so much its going to be a favorite.. like youre style too, and the music and sound was perfect..

I gave it 8 just for the idea. We all have our own ideas about life and what's behind it. This could be done much more better in terms of Graphics and music.

Well, the graphics weren't the best, and I personally don't like stick figures too much, however, stick figures fitted the music perfectly and I couldn't see it any other way.

The overall concept of this flash was strangely funny and disturbing while being true all in the same. Good job, now I'm paranoid that god is going to have us thrown into a very big garbage pail.

Lol thank you for believing in our world.... naw that was very funny and yet so true plz do more stuff like that and make it longer though also plz keep this stuff up thanks for the movie.

This is so true.

I absolutley loved your portrayl of reality and soceity today, it was wonderfull. As for the flash , the animation, sound, and plot all fell into place with ease like a key in a lock. The music was astounding and the motions fluid. Keep up the good work.

Simple , nice style , overall , just a bit longer would be advised , but still , on the current subject , it was perfect ;) keep it up


Dude i love the stuff that newgrounds has and u added a very good addition to the site keep it up

i wish i had your mad flash skills!!



I liked it... and the sound ruled. The whole button idea was hilarious. Good work.

that was a good one.
not a wasted moment in it.
original and strangely disturbing.

it is a gd animation but the whole take on it is just strange and hard to understand.

that was really great. Nice animation and funny too. Keep making more! :D

Wow man good job, loving the simple animation and music, keep up the good work

i liked the buttons god has

keep up the good work, it was a great movie

Nice job, i loved it i never even knew about you until this video, i think ill watch your others too nice job though.

Great, fantastic as per usual.

Makes me wonder if God was one day playing around with his computer when...whoops he created the universe!

Best Element of this movie: the bizarre humor is wacky and spirited to 1960's "Rocky and Bullwinkle" along with early Disney (back when they knew what they were doing). Artistic in the way of the creator of life walking down the stairs from a cloud into his control room. A set of trial and error is the subject of our life and it results in deletion, like so many other failed creations. I laughed delightfully.

Worst Element of this movie: There is not a strong menu formatting to contain the movie. There is no start button, credits, or even a "replay" button when the movie finishes. Some organization could be included.

Cool Elements of this movie: How you've adapted an old style of cartoons and modernized it. You added a colorful spin and a new look of the past without disrupting it into distasteful manners.

A Bonus: You could easily make a simple game out of this movie, called: create your own universe. Simply place a controller with six buttons (just like in the movie) and allow us to experiment ourselves. Who knows what kind of whacky consequences and results you could put in (like the planet imploding into nothing). Give it a try if you're intersted.

Overall: Unique, entertaining, humorous, and not disgusting/degrading to view. A personal thumbs up and a hope to see future work from you.

I liked this one a lot. In all actuality, however, this Flash cartoon is amazingly accurate as to how much crime there is in this world. I thought your depiction of "God" or whoever the guy was at the table was funny. One more thing: am I mistaken in thinking that the little blue orb with the landmasses on it in the box at the end is supposed to be Earth? If I'm right, are you suggesting that our planet needs to be "deleted" and redone?

.....Wow. ...Well thats Depressing. Probably how it is too.

this is pretty cool, if you didnt see this yet then you should, you'll probably like it because i do

i really am not impressed i mean yeah the style is great and it does remind u of the older cartoons but everything else is mediocre at best and simply trash at worst this isnt worth it

i loved it, good idea...reminds me of the classic cartoons...i miss those.

I enjoyed this funny veiw of why we are her. I hope their is'nt no delete button. If there was he probably would have pushed it along time ago. Anyway, goodjob.

That's some clever stick stylings there. And like someone else said, I cringe at how well you simplify the very esssence of human nature. In short most people SUCK! I'm going to search out some more of your stuff, I only hope it's all this much fun to watch.

I love the oversimplification of how people basically suck.

Nice plot line. Very nice the way that the man throws another planet into the trashcan. Good work man.

SO crazy...
Interesting. Short and sweet.

Anyone who says this movie is bad is clearly retarded, Very cool perspective on the world. Keep up the good work.

an alright movie that should have been interesting

awsome movie. totaly original and with a great message. i tip my hat to you sir.

Now these are the kind of movies I really like. Nice concept. I really liked it. *thumbs up*

Man, if only you could help me....

Loved the concept. Stuff that makes you think. Nice job indeed

a whole new concept of the world's creation! absolutly awsome! and its a résumé of all modern days preoblems !

haha, that was a great, and pointfull little movie... And nice simple style. So thats how God looks, huh? :)

It has a universal truth and you have a very good style of animations. very nice keep up the good work

I found a bunch more of this guy's stuff at http://www.kingsofchaos.com/recruit.php?uniqid=zyu5863s He tried to hide it by putting a little security system in to keep people out, but I looked through the PHP coding and set it up so you just have to hit the right number to get into the database and access to all his stuff. It's a good hiding place too, he must be friends with the webmaster,

You keep this up, and you can rest asured that you are among the elite online animators.
Love the style.

i am compleatly blow away by this movie vary well done and funny and i wouldnt be suprised if one day that happens......i meen lets face it the worlds going to hell

This is so true

enough said.

That was really true. Life does seem like it has become worse over the years. Good work I like it.

It's true. Life is like that.

The whole cartoon was somewhat strange but it was actually true in a way. I didnt really find anything funny but it was neat. The flash and sound was great.

That almost made me cry, it makes you realize how much crime really goes on. Subtle humor makes this even better, but the message is wonderful.

Wow, I'm amazed. This is stylish, unique and very very true. It had a bit of humour in it too (Not the sort of humour i'd expect alot of the idiots who post things like "THIS SUCKED SO BAD IT MADE MY.....ummm ASS HURT." to understand. If you don't like it, go play with some sim girls. How many of them have been made now...? Atleast this has originality, which is what I like to see in a flash.
Overall fantastic job!! I look forward to viewing more submissions from you!
<3 Juliene.

If the world goes onits current track that'll soon happen

Heh I thought that was interesting, he tried to creat a planet and man can't even control themselves...Cool.

Very tastefully done. I honestly enjoyed watching it and hope to see more submissions from you.

i usualy like to throw in some constructive criticisim, but that was the way its suposed to be done. it was funny(in its own way), it had violence(but not as the main topic) and it looked and sounded great.

Because if he does, he's probably installing a delete button as we speak....

I think that thing was good.

I like simplicity. Music is good, suits the situation. Good clear message. Keep them coming.

thats a perfect view of America
nicely done

at first i thought WTF but then all the killing and robbing and stuff....

thats a bad ass concept. I rather enjoyed. I saw it coming. But the city seen was pretty funny!

so kool and a profound statement about our existence. what can i say except...i loved it!

very original. nice style. shoulda gotten daily first place. great job.

That was awesome. I loved the satire.

Nice and simple man and it wuz just a really cool style of animating it. Good job i enjoyed it.

Very nice. I enjoyed it. Was that Earth in the trash pile?

that was one of my favorite flash animations that was the greatest :)

Its one of the best aniamtions i have seen!You are the greatest at making aniamtions

This is pretty good! I like it! I also like how there is more stuff like this than stupid pointless violence nowadays...music especially was nice

Dude this was really good
i hope you got more stuff comin to Newgrounds Keep me posted if u got anything new!!

I like the whole God, control panel, creation of life thingy. that was pretty good. And the sound was awsome, but it was kinda short and not a lot happened. I liked it none the less and think it is a scary insite of what will come if we don't shape up.......... A giant trash bin *shutters*

It was ok a bit boring nothing realy happend but a decent animation.
I liked the background drawrings and the little sprit people were well drawn,
Could have been more voilance and death and mabye some better music also the story line was ok but
wasent much to it.

If you are making a other animation of the waiting room make it a bit longer.

Loved it, great animation and overall idea. Looking forward to your next one.

I loved this animation. It's the best I've seen in awhile. My favorite part was the suicidal guy. Good work.

i really love your style in flash i thought this movie was very good and i liked the message it sent... prolly true, haha

That was good. Nice interesting graphics. All together a good submission.

that was amazing so true so true

Brilliant. I believe it's a very dry take on humanity, but then again a rather witty interpretation of our creation. Kudos to the author.

this was ok. I really didn't like it, but it was good. This flash just had something missing. But, it was pretty good

That was freakin great. Keep it up.

Quite nice...

absolutely wonderful
the minimalism is perfection

No it's not the best visually, but who cares when you got a great thing like this? Smooth animation though for what it's worth, Loved it, absolutely loved it, funny, makes you think about the other side in all of it, just great work all around, fantastic job.

I really like it when I see stuff that is legitimately "artwork" on this site. Good job. This submission also stands as proof that having really sleek graphics does not neccessarily make the best work.

Your flash is so awesome! I loved this piece a lot. It is really deep and actually has meaning! Great job and I hope you will make other things as entertaining as this.

Viewing this film has changed my outlook on life a bit. Excellent direction and gives the view an interesting percepition on life itself....great job

I wish I could push the buttons

Pretty sweet movie, i must say :) But i gotta ask:

So, he's like this really nervous guys, but gets a flip because he tries to safe himself?

Just looking for your definition, really ;)

Great job man, keep up the great work!

I liked it, gave an interesting perspective on life as well as some funny stuff to watch.

Mmm, eye candy.

This is amazing. I loved it. I also loved ((((Europe & Italy)))) BIG TIME!!!

that was completely amazing. keep up the phenomenal work. short yet powerful

This ruled. Thanks for making it.

I really liked the animation. it fits in perfectly. and great idea on how earth was created, with the push of a button. lol.

if this is supposed to be deep or meaningful in any way, i feel sorry for those who thought it is. nothing special about this flash, and yes, i understand what the point of it was. but it was dumb nontheless.

I never thought that such a simply animated short film could make so much sense, even if it's not entirely possible or logical. I said to myself out loud just after it ended ".....THAT WAS AWESOME!" and I meant it. Good job with it, but you might wanna work on some better graphics in the future.

neat idea for a cartoon very different

this is a very clever movie with a strange perspective - the graphics arent the greatest but i respect its uniqueness - good movie

In the end, after watching the humans, god looks like saying "always the same..."
And yes, it's really always the same...
Not as funny as your other 2 movies here on NG, but very true and well done, you really got a very entertaining style...please submit more of your movies here on newgrounds!

i cant believe how true this is everything is bad now it is a good movie though

I like this film, its intersting.

Interesting perspective, cool, and funny. God just chilling up in his office creating worlds,"ah this one sucks, *throws it away*".

I like your perspective, graphics were pretty good even for sticks, sounds were fine.

Dont worry about the people who voted low, some people just cant think.

Amazing animation, idea and technique.

For an animator of Bozzetto's caliber to be submitting work to a forum like Newgrounds is truly remarkable, sort of like Calvino submitting work to creative writing workshops. A few reviewers seem to find his work trite, which demonstrates how much influence he's had on animators over the past few decades.

It's great to see work that demonstrates such attention to detail, pacing, scene setting, style, and story. There are a lot of original ideas on Newgrounds that are hampered by lack of craftsmanship, and I think that many of the animators here will derive great benefit from Bozzetto's submissions.

Wow, I'm Impressed. This goes to show you can make good flash without including a bunch of poorly done special effects, or using a low form of humor or entertainment as a foundation. Very well done.

Thats was splendid!
Indeed it was silly...more of these silly cartoons and shall i be happy!
That made my kachunkas laugh!
Good job

That was kinda like the matrix a lil bit.

I love it maan love it hahaha :D
It really reflects all the problems and shit that appears in this world man, really nice, and that it looks like a game like the matrix was awesome dude freaking nice! :D

i dont know who you are or where you came from for that matter, but im not impressed. this flash is nothing but a quaint portrayal of a may-i-say quaint cynicism that really doesnt have much place in the complexities of modern society. in other words, i dont like what your expressing, and i find your flash skills sub-par for frontpage newgrounds entries. most artists here, adults or not, spend a lot more time and effort than just doing stick figures killing each other to music, (to get on the front page). sorry, but again, im not impressed.

show us something of your real skill if your such a great artist.


That was a pretty good submission. I watched Adam two days ago and that was good too.

I think you worked hard on this and put alot of work into it, but i don't really like oit for some reason

that was great...id even say its good enough to be on the tv crackin' job there.

It was different.
Kind of like to make you think.
Keep up the good work

that was crazy...but i can't imagine that happening every minute..."cough"

the sound was awesome! one part reminds me of GTA vice city...

good sound, good animation and funny

omg, that totally descripts our life.....that is by far the best flash movie on all of newgrounds...

They obviously start dickhead training early in Italy.
but I think that the EU flag should be replaced by a german flag as i have been to britain spain france italy and germany none of the countries behave like that other than germany

...as to how god created our world. :) It's great! That's all I can say. And your other flash is fantastic too.

One thing I'd like to suggest, any chance of putting a dubbed and/or subtitled version of "The world's history - for people in a hurry" so that we can enjoy that too here on Newgrounds?


i liked the music when he's coming down the stairs...great story too and funny...

one of the best not so violence movies i have ever seen

This flash movie has a meaning to it, especially all the violence going on, and then it gets deleted and more importantly, Earth experienced the same too, good ending! Really makes me wonder...

Brilliant flash and strangely true. Loved the ending!

pretty good i liked the graphics

damn, it definitly makes you think,huh?

This is inspired, everyone should watch this

I didn't enjoy this.

aah who am i kidding it was magnifico. motabella tutti frutti i liked the style of animation good plot too. umm... yes

most balenced flash animation ive seen today......i loved it

This short flash says a lot. Its very powerful. It does a good way of summing up what our world is and what it may become.

This flash was'nt all about the visuals or violence like many other flahses are. it is just good witty fun, keep it up!

Fantastic-R.Burton eat your heart out.

This is all so very true, so out goes much luv to u nice lil flash there, keep up the good work all my five are belong to this

I would give you a zero for advocating ignorance. :P Oh well; I still voted five, because it's good work.

Full of style! Definately not something you see every day.

Please! Please! Make fun of the French too!

very classy. i liked it allot.

I like the concept of this one...it was very unique. I would definitely show this one to my friends. It was a few minutes of my time well spent.

I really enjoyed that, I'm glad it made front page, now I'm gonna look at all the rest of your stuff. I liked the music, it was extremely fitting, and the concept of the entire cartoon was excellent, great job, keep it up =) Big 5

I really enjoyed this, the animation was really beautiful and fluid, and the sound and music were close to perfect. While it was indeed very funny, it was also very insightful. Excellent job.

In response to the PREVIOUS REVIEW, no.. FUCK YOU DUMBASS, PROVE HIM WRONG EVEN THOUGH IT WAS JUST A FLASH. ok, i'm done. Great Flash! For those that don't take it personal and just look at it as what its supposed to be.. a CARTOON. Open your damn minds (if its not already).

ALl I can say is Interesting... I know its not helpful so sue me

You, my friend, have the most sound-graphic coordinated flashed ever. I've watched as many of your's as I could. I loved the conception you had on Earth, and it's exactly what Earth is like today. Bravo.

the graphic is kinda bad,but the sound is good,too bad earth got deleted,still pretty good

VERY intresting.....very,VERY intresting......very,Very,VERY intresting.....Good job and the guy who grab the girl would most likely be the person we allll know.

u shoda made it longer but it was funny : )good work

i don't like to discourage people so i will keep my hands in my pockets

How true this is. Great job.

That was fuckin great.

this is funny you know,
god is just a silly little fellow with a remote control,
our great ruler has a remote control!!!!!
and by the way, did you saw the earth liying in the trashcan??

its not amazing and i didn't quite get it.....but its good, it took sum bordum off of me =>

Bit short.
Gave it a 3 i like it quite a bit, try to make it last longer, maybe bit of blood, you could even turn it into an rpg.

Really cool. thats all i got to say

I thought this was a nice little flash. Nice colors, nice sounds, nice animation. And it had a clear message. kudos.

it was good and funny. it was hilarious. i give this movie a 5 out of 5. so what happened to the little girl.....

this is good. its better than (((((Adam))))). its funny and the fighting was good.

I thought this was one the best movies about the human aspect of life. It truly shows how our socity works and evoled over time!!!

This unfortunatly displays what human nature is all about. The author/ creator of this, definatly knows how our society, unfortunatly, opperates.

It shows u exactly what it sess in the title> Good Work

I really liked it, but I don't like the way its strangely based on god creating everything. Other than the religious factor, its cute and really well done.

This is such a good Idea for a god game!!!!!!!!! It would be the most addictive game ever.

thats is so good! i think its a real inspiration to the ppl of this world! gr8 sounds and grphics, i love all ure movies man. keep up the gr8 work

wow...now i kinda think why god doesnt do that for real, maybe he will do it after he sees this flash ...

that was good flash i can tell you

that was one of the coolest things ive seen on flash well done

make more dude the so rockes make 1 with mor blood mor action and girls

not bad, i liked the main guys animation, and th emusic was kool.

This was really great! i loved it!! it is pretty cool, really really cool actually!! i loved it, it was awesome man!! i love your style and animation! Awesome it was!

Interesting movie, unique idea. Nice ,easy on the eye graphics.Great sound!Good work Mister European dude.
C.A.A.H ~:)

If life was only that easy...

That was very good. I loved that whole angle of we are already rejects, In the "trash". But in our defence, He obvously isn't very good at it I mean, Look at all those other worlds in the "trash".
Great Job, I also liked your other recent post.

It was quite an interesting movie but not in a bad way, its like it depicts what the creator of earth would think if he could see it today

ish good, but i dunt fink our creator would abandon us like that.

Loved watching it gets old kinda quick could be longer but other then that really good great laughs with the guy deleting it

Like typical life just in stick figure form. Yup.... too bad I don't really believe in god or I may figure something like that should happen

Really like the idea and the style of the movie. Maybe a bit longer next time, but all the same it was still good.

Loved it, the drawing reminds me of the Red Bull comercials, but it was very nice and was also funny, i applaued you for your work

Heheh great job!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Reminds me of my Pee Man!
-Ben Spurgin

Liked this one cause theres a good message in there amoungst the comedy. I like yer style and keep up the good work :)

I love the style of this short, it remins me somewhat of the late night arthouse productions on Channel4 (British TV)... in that sence I dub it fantastic!

The music works really well with it... what else can be said? great stuff!

An excellent movie. The animation is really smooth, the music is wonderful, and it displays an interesting view of society.

Wow, that was great. I dunno what else to say. Just great.

It kinda makes you think when god(if there is one)is going to hit the delete button on us. great job man MORE MORE!!!!!!

That was a very well done flash...its not often i see one that I like anymore everthing seems to be slapped together quick but this was really good...i enjoyed it.....delete??? if only.....

Very well done. It made you sit there and think, and actually pay attention to what was going on. I have to say this was very well thought and planned out. Very nice.

That was great, it just makes you sit there and wonder, "What if that was all true?"

One of the best submissions I have seen in a long time, keep up the great work.

That was one of the best things on ng!

Wow, thats a reall nice animation there buddy, well done.

Ma lo film era divertente e bello. Un buon lavoro. La citta era Milano, vero?

Great job. I enjoyed the whole evolution of man till the creator just gets fed up. Way to go.

it's good,
but not for the front page

Nice color, sound, and art blending. This is very creative and give a good representation of what the world can be like sometimes. Good job. 4/5

everyone thinks about y god didn't pull the plug yet, but i've never seen a flash about it. keep up the good work

Keep it up, when did you get this idea?! This is one of the most funniest things on NG, thanks a lot!!

that got me thiking, our world is trash

That movie was simple and yet so awesome.. I really loved it! Sometimes i feel like certain things in this world need to be deleted...lol... Good Movie... By The Way for those who care... the 10 on interactivity is for the main character pushing the "buttons of life".. once again good job!

This submission is very good--and its true
it has a very good ending

i give it a 10/10


That was excellent. Very true and funny.

i love theses kindof movies .....Woot a phatetic life.. MAKE MORE ...MOOORE

This movie is really awsome! I like the sound, I like the grapichs I just love it!
And it's really funny..

keep on good work.

This is one of the most intelligent movies i've saw. Wow.

Well, this movie is making sense...
The Earth is one of the trash if we keep having wars like today...

That is so true lol actually made me say wow lol.

ill give u 4 so i can get exp. but that was great!

here...you are a talented person so make many more!!!

brilliant animation watching it i was entranced by the stylish music and fantastic graphics effects.brilliant.

hehe that was funny, im not a phsyco mind, but ah good work :)

Well,this is an amazing Flash of creation and it's problems..
Keep up the great work!

Symbolic, cohesive, and biblical allusions?
In a Flash?
In this one there are.
Truly great work on the Flash. Gaps philosophy and Flash together.
A modern work of art.
8.25 out of 10.0

Ok so the animation was lame, but hell it was nicely done and said everything it needed to say.
The whole thing reminded me of the game called SimEarth, which for me usually ended up the same way and i scrapped every stupid game I saved for pretty much the same reasons. LOL
Makes you think though, if not for Gods infinite patience, at least as we know it to be, this blue green planet will end up in the trash bin just like the one in the flash.

Nice Job.

Hey this was very creative, don't listen to people who think it isn't good and criticize it, sure anyone could of done this, but atleast you had the guts to do it first.

I really can't belive this movie is ranked number 12 of all time. I really can't. Maybe it's because the author is a "kind old man from Italy who likes cartoons..."(awww), or that the story is something else than stick fights stick. But honestly, I, you, 50% of NG could have made this in a day. It's not impressive graphically, at all. And look at all the submissions that are under this one! Great, marvellous movies that must have taken months and months to make.

Now, I am really trying to get you all to understand this without sounding like an angry 13year old. What is it about this movie? It's a really old idea, not original at all. God sits there and tries to make a good world, then fails again. I mean, this I have seen\heared a thousand times. Or have you all been living under a rock all your lives?

The movie is ok. It's not easy on the eyes, it's not mindblowing in any way, not original, not highly entertaining at all really. So. Why is it at #12? Dissappointing.
And I swear, if the author had been a 15 year old boy from...Denmark or something, this would never have been where it is today.

nice movie i liked it a lot

really really really REALLY good! I'm suprised! Creative original story line. Faboulous animation. Great sound. Awsome job man!!! You did everything right!

Absolute brilliance! This is very well done! Did you know that the man who made this flash is sixty-five years old, almost fifty years older than your average NG user, and his flash is one of the top rated on the site? It just goes to show that the older generations have great senses of humor too!

Well done. I wish people would take a hint from your thought provoking work and submit some decent flash.

This really made me think. About the world. About everything. Thank you very much. I respect your work.

Maybe spend a little more time on button 4 and watch the animals tear eachother apart in even more savage ways, and far more often, or spend more time on 5 and watch most of the people die of horrible diseases and tear eachothers cuts open with spars.

I'll give you that you are a fine director, and the story is told effectively; But your world view is wrong!

This movie is nihilistic and unrealistic garbage!

Nice to see the work of Bozzetto on Newgrounds, he is the only Artist from which i have an autograph.

Ive watched his Rossi Cartoons in the early 80ies, now i hope he'll resurrect Rossi and let him deal with the problems of today.

I loved the end, with the delete button, and earth in there, heh, very nice.

it was truly awsome. like an animated comic short. with a little twist at the end :P, cinical in a way.....none-the-less GREAT.Terrific.

good job man,5/5 for sure, realli shows wat life is like, its a tru story..too bad ya cant just delete it.but still good graphics, good sound, good...great theme, very creative, keep it up

really shows people what life really is like and how our world is near its end (hahaha just kidding... not that close)

sorry buddy but your gonna half to do a little better

Let's hope we don't get deleted soon. >>

an masterpiece

dude, that was a master peice, you could be an artist.... amazing

I rarely take the time to sign in to write a review. Only if I really love them. This flash was great. Perfection.

youve highlighted the problem of today, alot of you probably think im crazy but the biggest problem is people, everyday people are just going around killing each other, this is something alot of sick bastards out there should realise, anyways good movie, i hope to see more of this stuff.

that was a good interpritation of life i mean come on turn on the t.v. and listen to the news for like 3 seconds and you hear something bad that happened,

but overall great movie!!!

awesome video..great take on life :)...i loved it, keep up the good work :D!

That was pretty good. Nothing groundbreaking.. But it really is and sadly true.

that was good. I thought he was going to press the end of the world button, but a delete button was good. Great Job.

C'mon people! We need to staighten up or we'll be DELETED!

Very clever.

no improvements can be made

Your cartoons have brightened up my day, gratzi :)

let he who contrals the weather contral the world. he who creates can destory. the hand of god is a strange and powerful one. the will of man rests on his own ways.

The graphics were terrible but it told a really nice story, so i think good graphics wud have wrecked it. nice a simple, good job

all i can say is WHOA... everything in that submission is true, i liked it, keep it up!

Damn man, You've summed up past, preasnt, and future into a 3 minute animation very nice and creepy at the same time. Keep it up

This was one of the Most clever put together flash i have seen in a long while well done a must see for everyone very deep!

Very deep.

Has alot of meaning to it. And having Earth with the defective planets......creepy

I liked it :)

great movie!

As much as we hate seeing it, this is truly an accurate depiction of our society, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. If only we could stop it...

I dunno if you intended to use this as a a comedy or too actually show just how fucked up we are. Considering we are overpopulating the planet about 16.25 times what it should be and that our politians care more about who the opposing party slept with than the innumerous problems threatening the earth, I'd say realistically we are screwed. And I'm an optomist.

that was nice

That is some nice stuff, kep up the good work

would He not? i dont think hed quit on us that fast. and the thing i dont understand is, in the trash, did u put the earth there to show the earth as a reject? maybe thats y u put the first six days in different sequence...

hey! good work man!
I looked for all your submissions, they are all excellent, original and funny! you're good! keep up good work!

i liked it...

re: "God sounds like a horrible, stupid guy."
If he's real, that's what he seems to be.

God sounds like a horrible, stupid guy.

it was ok, but now that I get it, you should make it longer

I liked teh lack of speech, good idea all up.

Made me crack a smile. I liked the music.

Great - Original, and it had great music

That was incredible. Well done. I like all of your stuff. Very insightful. 10 out of 10.

i really enjoyed watching it, i can't say that about much of the stuff on the portal...... fantastic

that was sweet. very well animated i liked it alot i have seen others by you like Adam and you are a very goo artist keep it up

yep it is so true you give and give and give and what to you get gun slingind kid fucking suiside ass hole who cant spell wharth shit (o ya that is me) ve la nas snuff

Kind of makes you wonder how God feels about what we've become.

Solid. music was a nice touch and sounds were not bad. nice animation. overall good movie.

That is very thought provoking. but in a ... good/bad way. ask me in an hour or so and i might have made my mind up

This is an E-mazing movie. Grate sound, originality, and best of all ITS TRUE

This was a very original and deep-cut movie. Some specific things I enjoyed of it were...

1. The use of music - I think that was a great plus to the whole movie. It fit perfectly. You have a good ear. (9)

2. The style of art - It reminded me of old Canadian cartoons, of which I am a fan, and of "The Cat Came Back" - this handrawn style gave a really homey and comfortable look to it. (10 for style, 8 for art)

Things I would change...

1. I didn't give it a 5 mainly becuase the movie simply could have been a lot longer. Movies like these that are a little more involved get awards at conventions, and you have potential. Increase the length and involvement, but still retain the current simple meaning.

2. Take a longer look at earth in the trash bin.

3. Make sure God creates Man on the sixth day, unless you are trying to say that it is different for the other planets.

4. A flood was what I was expecting on the delete... heehee....

Well done and keep drawing, I'll expect more from you later. :)
BerretSO4 (riceburner115)

Ive watched your other movies too and i have to say it has a certain style to it. One wich i quite enjoy. I totally agree with Salato his summed it all up basicly. And i also do look forward to seeing more of your work. Its very artistic, and u dont find many "arty" flash's. Thats what makes your work so unique.
I look forward to seeing more! keep up the good work

I really enjoyed your flash, it is definitely one of my favourite on Newgrounds. Your style is really great, and it was a great mix of humour and an interesting idea. It seemed to me to be a very good intellectual work, and so I look forward to seeing more of your work.

kinda makes you think

im scared now.

in response to czeplins reveiw i say it is wut it is deal with it...

this movie was made by nooob

it was all great make more stuff but less sad more happy and funny :)

This was very consistant with human life, and how we are just animals with animal instincts. This movie, I think, captured a unique view of the world and how nature has failed when it comes to the fate of the earth. Good movie, great animation, the sound went well with it too.

Man, this movie maked so much sense!!
Great work!

I must say your movie has a great message about earth that it's nothing but a creation of a nothing but an old crazy man. This movie can make a diffrence to thousands of viewers which are going to see this movie and might change the earth to a better place thanks to you.

I take my hat down for you.

That was problobly my fav flash that didn't even have good graphics.You should make another flash just like it and it should show how satan got sent to hell and how he created it.

...with a nice poke at the end. One of the best shorts I've ever seen.

It was one of the best clips I have seen in a long time.

No, I don't speak Italian, but this is REALLY good work. We need more ARTISTS on Newgrounds and fewer kids who pirated Flash MX and want to make themselves feel special by posting images of Michael J. Fox and Bruce Willis with poorly drawn images of fire all about them.

I really appreciate you taking the time on this film. I like it. I was both entertained and moved by it. I'm just hoping you have more good things coming.

Now here's a guy who knows how to make twisted animated shorts!

One of Italy's finest artists, Bruno Bozzetto!!!

its the truth^-^ thats life and yes is it can suck.....

Just like the guy before me said, it explains humanity.

You have just explaind the life for the humanity, great work i love such orginal stuff.

Very unique and funny, good work!

I loved it. this is funny stuff

Quite nice and a very good idea I think one of best serius ones!

holy crap i just love this flash! U have real talent. The story also makes us think about the human society, and i like that. Keep up the good work.

Very Short. but very funny. ((((((ADAM)))))) is still my fav. But I enjoy all of you're shorts. They are by far amongst the funniest animations on all of NG.

Good job, spiffing

Well done, keep up the good work.

I love this flash its made so cool and the music makes it so much funnier. For all we no it could be true because it explains alot. Love it keep up the good work.

This flash movie was amazing and I now think this is probably how the world was made. It has just about everything in this movie so I'm gonna give it a 10/10!

doesnt mean noone else has the capabilities of making this. its ok

I like the perspective this animation takes.. Its different and refreshing

and problay the last It was different and i like things and people who think different it adds a new twist to life and this is twisted just as good as adam keep up the good work

it ruled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very moving...made me think.And laugh at the machine gun guy.

well man so am i...any way great flash...this is original and very good well keep up the good work im bout to watch other flashes u make...

Thats really all I have to say, except for the obvious fact that your talent is far beyond that of mere mortals! Period.

Nuff said

Great work. Loved the choice of music, and the end was spectacular aswell. Great piece of, umm... work.


this film is beautifully animated and tells a truth that the world must admit. this world is a piece of crap. all its wonders are are overpowered by the hatred and violence.but hey we people gotta have some fun once and a while!

It Loaded I Hit Play And I Just A Slighlt Faded Pic Which Didn Move But I Liked That (((((Adam))))) so i just vote 5 outa 5 =P

Very nice animations and sound. I enjoyed the film, especially the ending, that was funny..."DELETE" haha, I couldn't help but laugh

A day in the life of god

man are you a realian? cool, anyways I though you did other cartoons here, like the driving one, and the one with the little girl named mila? I wonder why those cartoons didn't come up?

nothing plot-wise really struck me about this film until the sudden twist at the ending.

great job there. sound and graphics also work well together. nice work.

I understand the whole theme, and everything.. but it kinda reminded me of someone who was playing "Sim City".

I liked it though, keep on making flash like these. :D

Christian belief is that god created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested. The control panel numbered 1-6 represented the shit he made on each day. The message was that this planet Earth, has been abondoned by god. Am i right mr author?

Nice animationa nd nice message.

are you telling me that a little guy in a cloud decides the fates of worlds and our lifes using a little machine with 6 numbers yes so for every one who watched this that was god

So what you ar saying is that life is just people dying? That wasn't about life, that was about death. SO the god-like character tries making people and they are so bad that he throws them away. I'm not sure what the point is. Isn't that a bit shallow?

I thought it was funny XP But for some reason I laugh if anyone or anything gets hurt...including myself...So Im odd... Anyways, it was great! It's true, that's how today is....with the killings, and dyings...and crap like that Im suprized God hasnt thrown us away...oh well... Vampero out.

i didnt get it at first but then i saw what was happening good colour schemes and stuff

You and Roberto have done it again. We're not worthy! :)

very true man theres nothing that god can do eather

sort of a twist on god-human sort of thing. I thought this was very creative and pretty cool too. i wonder if the button guy was "god", but either way... it's a good one.

Really original. Took our shitty existence and put a twist to it. And what is this guy doing that would make him screw up worlds like that?

great work and so true

that was fucking brilliant, really cool.
------I RECOMEND THIS------

where did u come up with this idea? i men i sit on my ass all day and watch ng movies and this is the best ive seen come along i a while. bra-vo

Simple concept and worthwhile watching. Not much else to say really.

Yes, this is life. Add about 50 million more human screwups, and you have american life. :b

Well......Lets just say its good.REal good...

You dont see many flash movies around anymore that are actually serious and this was a really good one. Good job flash quality was good along with the message.

Humorous yet pwerfully political...i like it

i liked the way u aopproached this matter of people. Creative and unique. the musci fitted the story perfectly. good job.

Very stylish! Creative, original, all that good junk. everything else could be improved, though.

I thought this was creative and original. I liked it. :)

Bruno, I'd have to say, such a great film.. The music made it complete, and especially with you seeing earth trashed in the bucket as well.. Very awesome idea for a movie. I wouldn't be surprised if you some sort of award for this film for it's creativity. Very very originol, and cool.

Very true story. but let me just say this, you could've done better on some parts. thats all i need to say.

Might I point out it is such a serious take on the world today!

Cool idea you got there..... make more!

Great job. Really puts life into view. I'm Italian too! Hell yeah!!

I think I saw earth in that bucket...

You are a genious and for a 65 year old you are very good at flash. Your work is so creative and i loved the music too. Keep going.

you know but in a funny way its clever. You did a good kob i especially liked the music you had at the begining and end. relly funny deffinitly one of my favs. great job.

That was awesome. Keep it up bitch, make a fucking sequel.

Really original piece of work there, the music and sound was suited to the movie perfectly, you couldn't have picked better. Very nice, hope to see more of your stuff.

Jonny - Liquid_Tension

great job...funny movie with a great story and equally great visual and audio aspects...keep up the good work.

that was actually funny! it wasnt what u did, but how u drew everything! i mean, god was hilarious! just the way u drew him made u laugh! anyways, ur going to my favorite movies and author, which is obvious cuz this movie owns!!

I never understood how the world was made...until now!!!

Thanks for clearing that little subject up for me!

All i can say.... is wow

Very nice work =D

I agree with that Idea fully God or whoever created the world then people came along and fucked it up.

pretty damn good. i like how it proves how easily u foolish mortals are destroying each other day by day. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

great message there and I loved the odd animation style...keep up the great work!

Why the low score? Yes, low.

This is one of the most terrific animation I have seen on Newgrouds in a long time. The music was terrific, the fluidity of the animation, the basic idea and ideals portrayed within.

This is relly well done. Congradulations, Bruno Bozzetto.

It's not your best animation, but it was very good

great movie, great idea. the part when the guy snatches a little girl somewhat reminds me of r kelly. lol keep em coming

Nuff said.

well like the other said nothing too special but still somhow it was entertaining

Hmm i really like it. The audio in it is very good and makes the movie, without it I dont think this would be that good.

Nice movie, I dont feel like i wasted my time watching :)

that was good! :D poor girl though :P hahahaha!

Mi piace l'aspetto di Dio e come lui ha creato la vita. Congratulazioni per la "Front Page"! :D

Now this I liked! I could have given it full marks, just for the loading screen! The style of the artwork was original and very different, but I loved the humerous slant on reincarnation. I dunno if this was inspired by that poor bastard in 'The Hitchiker's guide to the Galaxy' series or not, but it was masterfully told, either way.
Keep 'em coming!

man that was great you should make it a commercial

That was...great, never seen anything like it.

you have done tons of work on television as an animation artist as well. Didn't you do Mister Rossi? I loved him. All of your work is great.

i think that this movie is great man that was pretty clever speechless!!! wonderful job!!!1

The music was very well done in sync with the video. The greatest part was the whole world being in trash n all..

By far the best poorly animeted yet well done pieces of work! lol

Cool. Made sense. Different from all that violence on newgrounds :P It made sense at the part where he threw the world into the box. It's like all the more godly things happened in Jesus time and now it's like god isn't there anymore.
He just threw us in a box to fend for our selves >_>!

nothing to add :)

yes that is life for you no other way to describe it...keep up the good work

I like the idea of God making a world and a society on it, and then deletes it! That's a good one. Make more things like that, it'll be front page material!

What can I say more than the others already have said??? There are no more words for this, real good, just keep it up!

i like it alot .... good luck on ur other animations

that music fits perfectly!
good job. . . & the aspect of a dude creating worlds. . . very slick :)

keep it coming

Great job, funny and just great, i cannot say more

Grandissimo, come al solito :D

You know...for an "Old Man" you are a great animator who has great stories to tell....

He kind of put what everybody already knows and belives into a flash. Well done.

great, it made me think of the world... we dont have to wait for the end of days... i think that mankind will work down to there own doom...


pretty cool vid. graphics could be better though. still, very cool idea.

Very good animation and deep - careful thought gone into it. Title says it all.

wow, that was just amazing sumthing ive never thought about. Its interesting to think of the world that way. I liked the part where i saw earth in the pile very cool

im kind of enyish of him. it was sick(in a good way)

keep on rockin.

this was the best movie that i ever saw...well one of the best...fucking awsome, i want more

This is good but.. Why the crap is it on the front page?

Saxman said it best.. This artist is brilliant.

This artist is brilliant.

make a series and I'll give u a 10 anytime.

Wow, that explains a lot about life lol. That was awesome, representing the planets and things like that, but was that guy god or something?

short....but most excellent. great job....

This was different, but all the same it was interesting how the author played on "human nature" in this flash. Good work, dude:)

Another great flash from Bozzeto.
You see,i'm half italian and I find you to be a great artist and gope to see more great flashes from you in the future of your work :)

well thats all I have to say

This is succinct and powerful. The creation waste-basket is an especially effective touch. Just the kind of flash worth watching again, and again, and again...

The Rating team thinks that this movie shows great potenial and shows watchers all the bad things and horrors in life and why we should prevent them.

RATING = ((9))


not bad not bad at all very nice work indeed

i can only agree. this short encompases my entire opion of the world today. great work.


true true true ........

Yep thats pretty much how it went.

it was short but packed all the shit u need to say in a good movie... especially the end showing a earth-looking planet up at the top of the trash. good shit, plus the artist is italian.

This is a pretty wierd look at things. Its intresting though and definately worth a look.

Lol funny. Kind of reminds me of GROW: the game.
Didn't see the part with the city coming. Also a nice touch that Earth was in that box too.

thats one of the most satiric flash movies ive ever seen, very funny (but not less disturbing)

great work!

A man of your age submitting to NG? Its great! I hope i still make flash cartoons in games at your age.

Keep on making this great work.

that was halirus

It's good good and simple story. There's a plot, and there's an ending (a funny one might I add).

I like your comic-inspired style.


i really cant beleive u are that old but anyway, good work...

I agree with xBlankx2003, it's quite average actually.

people seem to think its better then it is personnally i dont like it too much, looks very bad sorry man

can anyone say Vancouver?? lol another work of art

I loved this one. great style, funny yet meaningful.

just wanted to drop in that I just realized that YOU were the guy that created the mr. rossi series... good to see that you're still creating new cartoons! ;)

Interesting take on life..so true...

You know, that kinda makes you think... Not too much of course, don't worry :D


That was truly great! God's a failure all right :)! I think it was how you put Earth in that trash bag that the pink planet went in.

This one made me grin. :)


cause i saw adam and i thought well ill have to seen this one too then :D It was great! ive seen it before though, but not on newgrounds.

just saw ((((ADAM)))).
liked it.
decided to check this out.

you have some talent. i hope to see more from you.

persomuily the end

i bet you dont came beceuse 50% of the yords were more than likly misspelled
i like it though...and (((((((adam)))))))

I love your style of animation. the music is the key of your works it brings the whole movie together...Im expecting to see more works from you on Newgrounds!

Love your animation, especially the music and sound effects, it brings everything together
really smoothly. This is by far your best
submission, yes even better then ((((ADAM)))),
well...at least to me it is.

I think ((((((ADAM))))) was better. But I still liked this one. Nice job! I give it a five!

I saw your other film ((((adam)))), and I figured I'd check out your other work....glad I did, this was fantastic!!

A wonderful flash, with suberb animation, brilliant sound, unusual but still very good graphics and a look at life but will leave you wondering. First Class work.

this really gets out the message of life god makes us not saying god persay but someone makde us and then we arent gratefull for life we should be gratefull for the fact that GOD hasnt alreay thorwn us away or maybe he has?!

its graphics were basic at most, and i didnt like it that much,
it was good, but dosnt deserve the score it has

awsome. How long do you spend on these? I love the intellegent humor on NG. It's a great idea.

Very stylistic and deep. Sound is very cool and puts a nice spin on it. Delightfully quirky.


Quite an ingenious flash animation, I must say.

Keep it up, Bruno... I'm likin' what I'm seein'

smooth animation. pleasing to the eye, i also got a kick out of the fact that the earth was in the trash box. Very nice portrayal of life.

Really thats all i have to say about this flash.

That's probobly one of the best flash films I have seen VERY nice work. Loved the whole, god creating the earth thing. Keep it up. You have unseenable potential.


It is very good...Nice idea, I liked the theory.

Evil Orion

wow, i honestly do think this should be daily #1 for the day. this was great! excellent point of view on the world today. the title "Life" was very unique in this situation.

but everything paid off. great job!

I didn't read your intro paragrah when I hit play and it took me a moment to realize what was going on with the initial action. Then it clicked and I watched and even though the animation is so simple, it has a lot of "character" in it. It shows a point about things and how bad they've gotten.

I then giggled at the ending and that made my day. *votes good*

Good work Mr. Bozzetto, very original. Your message of a failed experiment in a human species is somewhat true for our dominative and quizzing nature due to our abilities of intelligence and motor skills over the other creatures on this planet, but as many cry and suffer many many more smile. The average daily death rate on planet earth is 30,000. Every hour 15,000,000 have sex.

Its refreshing to see such originality from time to time, a break from the continuous stick battles and random fight scenes. I like your style and hope to see more in the near future.

Really bloody good.

Bugger. Bollocks.

WOW! First off, i do have to say that u have nice style. Although, if you spent more time on your drawings i would look a bit better. But it did not distract me from the movie at all. The hummor is very mature, and although has some violence, is clean. I loved it. Good job. This is a very original peice!

interesting veiw on how god created us and very humouros as well

You're my best italian cartoon creator, keep em coming
(bravissimo bozzetto, vorrei rivedere mio fratello minivip ;) )

Great concept with an original style.. I love it! ((((life)))) and ((((adam))))) should both make front page IMO. Make more :)

i like movies as such , were you can really discover an artists, emotions,thoughs,and visions.you put this whole disfunctional society into perspective.were it like you made it we'd have been through to many planets.god has pity on us , but he doesnt yet hate us.

nevernamed not insane?>??

Pity it didn't happen like that.

God wears glasses?

LOL thats all folks

I liked your animation a lot, personally I prefer this one than the one of ADAM, but the other one is also nice, what I like about this one is the concept involved, you came out with a great idea, the sounds and graphics are outstanding. Now I am going to check your favorite flash.

Another astounding job, thanks again.

Everything in that movie is true!!!! Great job!!!!!

hey this was awsome, i love ur style man, animation graphics everything, though this one was a bit short but man keep animation u own at this...

you may just be newgrounds next big thing, your animation sucks, but its funny as hell, so i reckon thats kind of bitter-sweet. only kidding i know its your style, its all a very impressive package

loving your work, now i have to go see your other entry there.

this piece reeks of style and delivers a good message. the music compliments it very well.

Well, thank you for discovering the secret of our existence. Yeah, it would seem that we're guided by some idiot who just presses random buttons, but there is a purpose to everything. The world just has to be patient. good work.

but it's not that much dark people :)
just keep d smile...>|-)-<--[


1. One of the planets in the trash was the mozilla firefox icon
2. I dig this flash!

When God sets out to play....

Very good, nice style. Like 'Adam' a superb movie, what more to say

The Good:
It is an amazing piece of work. The graphics were unique. The music was fitting. There was some light humor as well as some very serous messages. It really will make a viewer think about the world today.

The Bad:
Some of the animation was overly rough compared to the rest of the film.

The Overall:
Front Page material! This is a must see for everyone! Very enjoyable! I look forward to seeing bigger and better things from you!

i don't speak italian, so i won't elaborate, but i love the humor and that particular "old-style" cartoon looks appeals to me. thank you.

Now, these are the kind of flash submissions I like to see. Sort of quirky art style; excellent sound; short, sweet and to the point. Just an overall good flash movie.

I simply LOVE all your work!!
I think thats enough to say!!!

I like all your work Bruno. And Roberto is a genius at finding the right sounds and songs to match the visuals. Anyway, speriamo che l'Italia vince l'Euro 2004 in Portugal. lol my italian needs a tune up.

Great Job!


This flash was actually very powerful. It made me sad and want to laugh at the same time. Again, your work is flawless. *thumbs up*

I liked how the sounds were in place when God was walking, and also how the sounds were used. The graphics were very well done, good job.

Sir, to steel from Demonseye's review,
I am just Honored to type this,
I own Allegro Non Troppo on Video tape, it is one of my all time Favorite animations,
Thank you for submitting your work on NewGrounds,
I am anxious to see what you have coming up in the Future for NG.
for those of you who do not know who this man is,
I urge you PLEASE check out his web site as well as all of his animations.

wow it the hand of god! it a real good world parody it really them in the true world!

Great job!


i saw that a long time ago. i still really like it. good job

My geography teacher presented it to us..
That's very coool!!

great movie. what else can i say?

Man, that was kick ass. It flowed perfectly. Two big thumbs up.

This must be how God created earth in his own sense of humor. How easily just w/a push of a button things can change. He creates things. We experiment. But can he delete what happened in the past that has already been a mistake? He's God?..

Old man on Flash = r0x0r

This is pretty weird, but that's a good thing. The art is a little bit junkie [you know, stick figures and all] but I'm suprised, it's so smooth. Good job!

The music and graphics merged into poetic fluidity
Fantastic.....I want another

This man has to be the most famous film animator to post on NG. As for this movie, I love it. It's so simple it's almost a stick movie, but it's the funniest stick movie I've ever seen. Only a replay button is needed, other than that it's perfect. The sound is amazing, too.

I saw Allegro Non Troppo when I was a little kid... Bruno Bozetto directed that film in 1976, so he knows what he's doing.

Very interesting take of an outside view on human nature.

the movie just wasnt for me im now sure which brand of audiences touches but it just isnt mine

Very well done! It was funny seeing the earth in the trash, looks like God gave up on us a long time ago! hehe

quite possibly the most original piece ive seen on newgrounds.

after seeing this i wont be giving may others a good ranking for style as this deserves the 10 i gave it.

i hope you do more animations in this style and ill look forward to seeing them

good work


That movie brightended up my daqy. Excellent.

amazing, congratulations :D

You're the guy who made that movie "Allegro non Tropo", right? You have to be. Bruno Bozetto. You said in the special features on the DVD that you made flash movies... I feel honored just writing this!

That was pretty nice man! I swear, for a minute, I thought I was watching tv... like on of those short TV clip things. haha.

was earth being in the garbage symbolic of something? hmm...if so i agree...lol

That was hot i give you a 5 on the vote lol that was really good make more please thank you

Man, if only it were that easy. This is definately one of my new favorites. Awesome job!

Done that is...Well done indeed!

That was really cool. I take it you must have some religious background, may I ask what it is?


Read above... yes, this isn't JUST a flash movie, you've created a world wide message that should be spread to the world. And i love all this because, well... its all true. The movements and characters were fluid, the Sound matched perfectly, and the concept was fucking amazing. Bravo, you've certainly earned my 10.

this flash seems to be stolin but it should be submitted to teletoon

That was well done and had a good point and was, most importantly, funny.

This piece puts the world succinctly into perspective. Very impressive simplified visuals. The musical score is effective in helping convey the message.

What's best about the piece is that it quickly tells the story of creation from beginning to end, and into the cosmic scrapbox where, apparently, many worlds have gone before. Bravo!

This make me realise how truly fucked up the world really is, and how god can end it all by will alone.

I loved it! That is so true, except just kill all of the not funny insane suicidal freaks! (note I said NOT FUNNY insane etc...)

Lol nice job... the only thing i can say is thats life for ya... only we push the delete key.....

This movie roxorz! Keep it up, I hope to see more like these.

nicE! it was rather funny to see (i think it was anyways) earth in the trash... and notice how "6" number of satan f*cked it all up and made the planet bad?

That was a funny flash, you did a great job with the sound, I have been watching flash videos for a long time and this is a really good one. hope you keep making flash videos and maybe add some more english to your vocabulary lol good work

That'srobly what will happen with us :P

man that was awesome:)

Very well done. Inarguably one of the ten best I have seen on here.

I liked it very much nice work

Great movie! I liked how your portrayed God as a simple man controlling a world with only 6 buttons (6 buttons of evolution?).

The animation was simple, but still really convincing, so nice job!

And the music was probably the best part in the cartoon!

**You were just added in my favorites!**

Boy, good God won't do that....phew.
Anyway nice interpretation of life, on how to something new starts but gets abused over time. Keep it coming!

that was really neat. Silly God has to get it PERFECT. Kinda like us when were makin flash movies. We dont like it. DELETE!


It's so true about life, how corrupted the world is right now.

Loved it.

but thats a good thing. very true though, its like you got something good and then intruduce humans and you get it all screwed up.

Excellent concept there; brilliant editing with the sound.

Truly entertaining :)

I really liked the sound effects! I need them!

Goob mockery of all thge idiots christians who believe there is a god. HAHAHAHA STUPID CHRISTIANS I HATE YOU.

Nice graphics, sound and the world was hell funny. Chuck it into the rubbish bin i guess. Hehe that was splendid, the sound effects were also cool and so was the "professor".

not bad at all.......

I enjoyed it alot keep it up! And good luck cuz this is Front page material!

that was niceley done, minimalistic art with good animation

Great job and good luck with future flashes and English. Oh and um is God gonna do that to us soon cause it looks like fun

Great idea, awesome flash. You deserve the 5 I have just given you. The lesson learned is important.

haha I would have done the same thing. Nice job, I really liked it. God wears glasses! Power to the nerds. Thanks for the good one :)

Very nice concept on life and omnipotent thoughts. Graphics weren't quite detailed, but satire is just as well seen as artistic genious

so thats what god looks like...

you have to kepp up the good work man

Nice Job, keep up the good work. I hope to see some more animations really soon.

That was excellent! I really enjoy flash with a message. Kudos!


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