Nihil ep1: inquisitor

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the inquisitor's mask is a powerful device to break into the human mind. its existence has been only a rumor for quite a while. but now its existence has been verified and every information needed to capture it is provided.

edit: removed audio to avoid licensing issues.


Im really sorry,

Ever since i saw the awesome trailer iv been wondering if u would ever make a series outa the sweet project. And after i saw it in the portal i rushed to the entry to check it out. Im really sorry for what i am going to say, but it is just my honest opinion.

First of all, the flash didnt really have much substance. U are trying to create a cool cyber punk series, but how can u accomplish this without voice or text. Instead i saw a well animated music video that left the viewer with all kinds of questions what it was really about and what was going on.

Second of all, the backgrounds man, the backgrounds. They were much better in the trailer and here u just made gray squares that were supposed to serve as the surroundings.

Third, in contrast to the trailer, the soundtrack wasnt really appealing (at least to me). There are better tracks out there u can use for a dark series like this. (Try stuff from the crystal method/prodigy or some underground drum n bass stuff)

And final also the special effects werent as innovating and cool as in the trailer. What happened to the cool 3d rotating matrix thing u implemented in the trailer man?

Im really really sorry for this, but because ur a talented animator with cool ideas i thought i might give u a larger constructive review that might help u in the future....Maybe this was dissapointing because the trailer simply was extremely good. It always sux to answer a hype. Take care

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I loved the animation and music. And the slow motion parts were awesome. Great work.

really great

this is a beautiful flash and deserves a spot on ng. i voted 5. cant wait for future eps.

Well done.

The graphics are nicely done, but the whole thing feels cheapened by a lack of backgrounds.. If you make another, draw things in place of the gray backgrounds. Good job.

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3.93 / 5.00

May 26, 2004
11:57 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature May 27, 2004