BSB vs DK Project

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DK Project tells the story of two teenager secret agents, Dott and Kave. They have the mission to destroy any bad product delivered by the entertainment industry. These guys are violent, amoral and really funny.
Visit the site to find the complete story of this secret project: www.dkproject.com
DKProject´s credits are shared by three guys Ernesto Bottger, Luis Casuso and Roxana Vasquez and we love to receive comments about our work.


The last guy's review kinda ruined it but it made me watch anyhoo.

Lol, I relly don't get the point of this. If I did, I'd be cacking myself. instead, I just laugh. Kudos on the animation, humour, graphics and generally everything. If only I got the plot. Nevertheless, fantastic job!



Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I like the part when Nick climbs up the window and Kave sprays the make up remover on Nick's face and all his pimples pop! Haha!

Damn right,blast those fucking fags!

This was a great video,but there could have been more gruesome deaths.Well all together it was good,I only wish that all the followers of those girl voiced little bitches could see this so that they know how wrong it is to support a group of fags trying to be singers.Keep up the good work,I think next you should target those little bitches of Good Charlotte.

I don't really like DKP

The animation was good but it could've been funnier and you should have prepared bigger and more gruesome deaths for those gay backstreet boys.

I love the DKP

i like the music, its got style, i liked how they were the same guy, and i found it funny how the one guy was kissing the cross dresser

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3.65 / 5.00

May 4, 2001
5:45 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody