Gali X : The Rebirth

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This is not a sequel or a continuation of the first gali x movie. It is a whole new story just using the same character. If you get confused, just say so in your review, and I can answer any questions.


((( NICE WORK )))

This was good, very good starting with the "FAST" animauing, and they cool music that worked very well with the animation, the "CHARACTERS" were great but could also use some more detail about them i do love the blood effects though very nice job, as for the flash itself, it could use some work on the music as it was stopping now and then, anyways good flash keep it up...



the only thing i did not like was the use of the special moves of iroi and kyo kusinagi but beyond that a few more frames and you got it bro

I have a story to tell

Yesterday i went to the see a movie and at the end the creators of the motion picture stand up in front of the theater and asked us if we have any question about the first movie that did not exist but its was nacesary for the understanding of this picture.....

DrDeath2k3 responds:

What the fuck!? if i think what your getting at is right, Gali x is a real fucking movie. go to my movies and click Gali X(Full). dumbass.

Another Crappy Animation

Man I've seen stickfights that make more sense than this. The animation is ok and all. And that's just "OK" Not good. But seirously. A guy running around killing people. Some evil guy saying "I'll enjoy watching you die" then he takes somthing brown that looks like hair. Than he is talking to "Master" and being asked dumb questions that have absolutly nothing to do with the story... I think (by the way the text goes by way to fast). He walks away. Then it shows some guy getting killed. Then it talks about being "betrayed" but I don't know.... who was betrayed? and when it showed some guy jumping off a building i just closed it because I was totally lost!! Next time you animate make a storyline first! and if you did, then make that storyline make sense in your animation


Okay, the illustration is well done, but the animation tends to be really choppy. You've obviously put a lot of effort into your fight scenes, but a few more frames would help a lot. The quality really isn't consistent throughout the movie (the movements of the fighters seem normal, if a little jerky, but the man walking towards the screen in the beginning looks like he's shimmying or something).

...I really like the part where Gali is fighting the green suited guy, and he somersaults. It reminds me of that Treasure Mountain game where, if you timed the movements just right, the player character would somersault FOREVER. Right. Well. Good job.

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3.33 / 5.00

May 24, 2004
6:12 PM EDT
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