The Passout

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Fred and Randy (my friends) get the bright idea to test a passout trick on Evan. After many deep breaths and a hard push to the chest, Evan passes out, but thats not all...


not really that good

ducttapeboy has a point. it wasnt really that great but it was alright. also some people just go around saying certain reviews that arent even much worth writing.

All I can say is....

I read all of the other reviews, and I think ApeBoy needs a nap. No, seriously. He's gone to almost all of your movies and reviewed them... but not in a good way. And ApeBoy, if you think they suck, then don't watch them. Duh.

Personally... I think they're pretty good.... Oh and I think DeliciousPants needs to shut the frick up too.

No, just no.

I took a quick skim over the reviews as well as watched the first five seconds of the movie. We all know that you make fun of people because of their newground stats and you make rude moronic comments in response to people who don't like your movie. Thus, you are in all probability, one of those huge ass computer geeks that plays dungeons and dragons in his room. Then again, you're probably obsessed with newgrounds because you have no social life, jocks like to kick your ass, and you feel powerful here because you can make fun of people. Your movie simply reflects your own stupidity. Good job you dumb fuck.


dude i can relate to that i do it all the time cept for the bleeding thing,but it helps me pass the day. but man LMFAO watta gimp, u dont fall on shit u sit so that u dont get hurt.

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:/ not even funny.........

that sucked

0megaw00ty responds:

you suck.

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2.22 / 5.00

May 24, 2004
12:12 AM EDT
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