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Altereality Ep02

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Author Comments

Added subtitles, and fixed Replay button at end. This is now complete. Episode three will bring all this together, and then episode four is the action you guys want! Hooray!

Just what has this boy gotten himself into? How did he get here? Where is he? All good answers come with time...

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...wow, just wow

Wow, this is awesome! can't wait till four, I've seen all three and you are on my fav animators list! the running s a little annoying but other that that AWESOME!

It all makes more sense....

Having saw ep3 of this i went back to see where it all began. You've definately improved with each animation and your scores reflect that.

You dont give too much away, this works well as people then look forward to to seeing how the plot unfolds. The fact ep3 has done that prequel/backtrack move to explain the plot yet pose some more questions is pretty good. A nice way to add complexity to the story.

II think the best thing is the sound

You had really clear, interesting voices and even the music was appropriately quiet and stuff. It was really funny how the "cave painting flashback" pictures looked like kindergardener crayon scribblings. The animation is scarse, the story is ok too. if the sound werent so good id score it way lower :)

MarcusRaven responds:

Finally, somebody realizes those things are cave drawings! You see, people! They weren't rushed to be crappy, they had purpose. Thanks a lot! BTW, the next episode will explain a LOT of all this. Mainly how this kid got to the realm he's in. *wink*

not bad

not bad, it has the potential, but it just moves soooooo slowly, you have the potential for a top class movie here, if that was the 2nd movie and its only just doing that, this is gunna be waaay to long, every 1 will get bored, and it wont get good ratings.

apart from that, its good :)

Still major bugs but the potential...

is still there. This story is so vauge still It has an infinite number of possabilities, I like where it looks to be going but I think it needs to start cleering up quick or it will lose most of it's fan base to bordom. I know I'm losing intrest fast. The movies have moved too slowly so far and have made no commitments to any one plot direction except two of the characters may be father and son. The graphix are still poor, but no matter they arn't realy important. The voice of the "father" is a big draw back in my opinion. It's too kiniving and slow, generaly the great evil bad guys are loud, proud, and emotionaly stirring in their speeches. you can do better. But over all I still realy Like this.

Credits & Info

3.22 / 5.00

May 23, 2004
10:55 PM EDT