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The Race ++

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it is my 2nd animation so far, Im new with flash. n00b me all you want (:

ST: Jumbo - Aqui
Azul Violeta - Tu Luz

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This cartoon looked insanely cool for the time and fired up my appreciation for Mexican Hard Rock. Jumbo is such a good band.

Some of the animation does look a tad dated. This is still a great cartoon. Hey, it was released on my birthday! It was great to see all these fancy colors. It didn't even seem like a race most of the time. It was just a bunch of people hanging out.

Whatever it was, it was really nice. It was great to see everybody in such good spirits. There's definitely a lot of fun in this. I can always appreciate that. The music fits the mood perfectly.

love it so much

Watching this truly brings back memories. Thank you for all of the great animations. It's been a pleasure observing your style.

i love it i know how hard to draw an animations but it was a good one keep it up