Gandhi Biography

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Its Gandhi's Biography! Okay, im not trying to make fun of Gandhi! It was my history Project!!!



DUDE THAT WAS HILARIUS. I ADDED IT TO MY FAVS. The add kicked ass, & the rap at the end was pretty cool to. Just wondering, WTF did your teacher say. Any way, I think it KICKED ASS!

((( FUNNY )))

Haha well notbad, that was funny, and kept me laughing from start to finish, the PBJ was the best part, the flash was somewhat random but thats the best part of it anyways nice work hope to see more soon...


Maybe if Gandhi weren't one of my heroes....

.... I'd find this a lot funnier. Well animated, and decent concept, but too much dancing banana [how original!] and not enough Gandhi.

hey its peanut butter jelly

ya man peanut butter jelly time. theres other stuff in this dudes movie but i dont really give a fuck about it


Movie's okay, but it's... not funny. There're very few humorous elements that havn't been seen a thousand times before. The dancing banana is everywhere, and it really stops being funny after the first couple times.
School projects tend to be not Newgrounds worthy.
It was too short, and it hardly even served it's purpose. Did he even say 5 facts about himself? And why was he talking in the past tense?


ThineDoor is a fucking idiot.

"It was just unconscionably unwatchable. Dreadful. I defy anyone to find a tangible entity so abhorrent and fatuous as to justly juxtapose to this technical and aesthetic putridity. You obviously don't have a proclivity to anything that vaguely alludes to any incarnation of faculty or adroitness."

Thank you. That is a complete pile of dogshit. What he's basically saying is that he can't bear to watch this for reasons beneath his understanding, and there is nothing that can be fairly called as bad as this. And he says the author has no talent.
That would be fine, if the entire thing weren't constructed in broken english, fucking twit. He uses adjectives as nouns, unconventional words that have been archaic for decades, and he even seems to allude to faux old-English that d&d players seem to love.
He was too busy looking up words in the thesaurus to stop and think about what he was actually saying. All he accomplished was making himself look like a huge douchebag.
Psuedo intellectuals like him should be rounded up and shot.

I gave your movie a five, because ThineDoor is a douche.

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2.34 / 5.00

May 23, 2004
3:38 PM EDT
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