super sentai kairangers

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I made this file last year in the summer. Took about a week to make.
There are two images in the file my friend Andrew let me use. So please give both of us credit.
Anywho, I know this file is big, please be patient.

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That's awesome, you should make a sequel or something. I really like the suits, reminds me of Abaranger, keep going!

This is still awesome! And I still like it! :D


...power rangers is super sentai cut up and put in with american footage well they did that till wild force then disney entered the fray and kinda started things their way


nice movie the red warrior looks a lot like abared/dino thunder red and i would like to see more.

Not too bad for a start.

First of all, Sentai is essentially Power Rangers, just the Japanese version. Basically the American version takes footage from Japanese Sentai, cuts it up, and adds the US footage with the American cast, and you've got Power Rangers. Knowing this, any average joe can theoretically make a Power Rangers show with them and their friends if they have the time and patience.

Now, I gave you an 8 for the song (The Biggest Dreamer was the best Digimon opening in my opinion), but the animation could really use some improvement. Still a good idea nonetheless though.

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3.93 / 5.00

May 21, 2004
11:53 PM EDT
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