PowerPuff Girls D

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I made this for a friend, named bleedman. He and Andrew gave me full permission to use their images, so I slap this together for them. I hope they likes it.
-Images done by bleedman and Andrew J. Hodges.
-flash movie done by me.
Please give us three credit. Thanks.^_^



I can't put my finger on it exactly...but I really like this! The drawings and music are both great. I whs they were really drawn like this in the show.


I think YOU should have made the show! So much better... the original Power Puff Girls sucks, this is better.

this isnt half bad

y'know, for a girly cartoon show, the powerpuff girls in an anime style TV intro, to tell you the truth, was pretty fuckin' amazing. not to mention that you added Dexter from Dexter's Lab as a rival. i've seen his show and there's no other reason that he could be fighting the girls for. his inventions aren't entirely meant for world domination (as far as i remember). samurai jack was an unexpected entree as well. i didnt notice him until i saw this a second time, i wonder if akku (or whatever his name is) will come in as a temporary villin if this ever gets made into a NG series. who is he meant to be, their combat trainer or somethin'? and i don't really know why courage the cowardly dog is in this. probably just for comic relief i suppose.
if your friends ever decide to make a comic or show out of this, load it up. i wouldnt mind checking it out. i'll check NG regularly for anything new, comic or animated (preferably animated). i do hope that you guys do a joint effort episode for this (clearly you can make good decisions with putting music in videos, so you would be perfect for their music coordinator). 9/10 & 5/5

'to flahlover45'
dude, you have a really abusive review. you're just pissed because somebody made something good and you don't have shit (thats right, i looked at your profile, and you got nothin'). so he made something that messed with your favorite cartoon characters. get over it, it's an improvement if you ask me. and next time use "constructive criticism" instead of pissin' an' moanin' about it. i just hope that future reviewers will agree with me on this.


bleedmanis a talented artist i mean im good at creative characters but im just a simple artist this is a good opening i can see this being an anime opening but what is the band who did this song i like it

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I love Bleedman `s art 1

Bleedman`s art is kick ass ! I like his creations Bell ,Her ,Adult Mandy ,Mini Mandy, & Grim Jr this dude can drawing in anime form !

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May 21, 2004
10:18 PM EDT
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