PowerPuff Girls D

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I made this for a friend, named bleedman. He and Andrew gave me full permission to use their images, so I slap this together for them. I hope they likes it.
-Images done by bleedman and Andrew J. Hodges.
-flash movie done by me.
Please give us three credit. Thanks.^_^


It's great

I read this manga made by bleedman... its too bad that it was finished... still this is good

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Luv it...


Honto Sugoi *__*

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I less than three it :3

I love the comic series, it's a good read :3 Really wish it was updated ><

So anyway, nice flash.

I assume a lot of people aren't reading the author's comments because it says you didn't draw them bleedman did.

Also, there's already an anime version of the PPG, it's called Powerpuff Girls Z, I think it's only available in Japan, though.

Toonami, eat your heart out!

I've realized that Cartoon Network have seriously overlooked this in their What A Cartoon! series..If I was prez, I would have asked you to make at least THREE DAMN SEASONS of this just to make people know that although there's PPG the kindly cute version, then THIS with the more mature, more insane what-if spontaenity, more down to earth Fred Perry (Gold Digger,Pirates vs. Ninjas, etc: Antarctic Press)-like art.

To tell you the truth, if you have to make one of those softcovered trade books of this I'd def would pay top dollar for it. Otherwise, please continue this work in the future and let people know that even girls would have to grow up one way or another to face us more cooler boys again.

BoomerRaid (N.Y)

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May 21, 2004
10:18 PM EDT
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