PowerPuff Girls D

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I made this for a friend, named bleedman. He and Andrew gave me full permission to use their images, so I slap this together for them. I hope they likes it.
-Images done by bleedman and Andrew J. Hodges.
-flash movie done by me.
Please give us three credit. Thanks.^_^



i guess someone had to step in and say how stupid this really is.
I mean everyones going crazy about it and saying how great it is but really all the artist has done is put a few images and made them move across the screen with some terrible Japanese (i think) pop music in the backround. the images were ok, i'll grant you that but it says the creator of this didn't make them! so how much work has the 'submitter put in? someone elses music, someone elses images. what else is there?
As the author says "Thank bleedman - http://bleedman.deviantart.com/ - he made the images. I just put the movie together."
Is no one recognising this? Please keep this in mind when voting... And maybe this will get what it deserves...


That was awsome. I think I like those girls in anime style better then the old style. And throwing Samurai Jack in was genius.

Very good! I never thought of that concept

You've done an exellent spin on the Powerpuff Girls, they look great in your anime style. Adding Courage, Dexter and Samurai Jack was awesome too, I really like what I see here. The Japanese music was very nice too, I've gotta see this again!

This definately deserves a better score, sure it was stills, but you must have worked really hard on them (the attention to detail and overall quality was superb).

Oh yes, this deserves much better than a below 3.00 score

How the powerpuff girls SHOULD look!

Man although those were only stills like a comic that was awesome! The combination of samerai Jack and Dexter too was a nice touch! I wait in high antisipation for this idea to be made to an animation =D


If you guys have any plans on turning this into a full fledged series I believe it will become very popular. It has some insane potential. Good Job to all of you, you for the flash, and your friends for the art work.

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3.75 / 5.00

May 21, 2004
10:18 PM EDT
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