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This game is two stages of the full version nerd hunting game that I am making.

The stages only contain three nerds to shoot each but if this BETA does ok I am making levels ALOT bigger, a score board, bosses, more levels bosses etc...

Please don't get offended by the killing of nerds, it's a light hearted approach and nothing hateful.

Remember, this is only the BETA so it is only 2 stages long. Please vote fairly.

Ps, Remember to shoot them in the heads.


cool... i guess

Great, but not enough nerd killing.


Are you ever going to make ful verison. I hope you do, it would be lots of fun. This shows a lot of potential for a full version.
Kill all the nerds. If you make a full version make a boss and have it look liek Bill Gates.

Finish the game

It would be fine if there where more nerds, if the santity bar worked. you need to sort out the contuinue buttons, they come up even if you haven't killed them all, or any of them, al so the ending screen. It would be great if you finish it, but for now i give it a 4.

oh yeah

MAN did that feel good to play. I just wanted to blast the crap out of those nerds. I wrote a review once for that ROFLblaster game which said that the guy who made it (his name's pythagoras) was a nerd and everyone who liked it was a nerd and i got BANNED from writing reviews...now i can get my revenge!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the full version.

Just one thing whether u shoot the nerds or not the continue button comes up after a while. But it's the beta version so it's okay.

Oh and if you're wondering how i can write reviews when I got banned....I got better...! (LOL monty python).

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But i guess every one on NG are nerds or atleast the ones that auctually make the flash movies

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2.86 / 5.00

May 21, 2004
9:53 AM EDT
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