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BushBash 12-dictionary v3

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May 21, 2004 | 8:33 AM EDT

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Author Comments

By popular demand, 6 of these definitions now have audio! Just roll over the pix. ***Update*** My wife requested 2 minor changes in INTERROGATION and also that I add IMPEACH for the kid who didn't get it. I complied with her request for interrogation only.



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Ya know, I hate the word morals, mostly because it has been over used(kinda like patriotism), but also becuase it is a very narrow definition of ones personal beliefs. I prefer the word ethics-some thing Bush lacks entirely-mostly because it deals more with ones own moral beliefs rather than those taught by religion or dogma, as morals is often thought of today.

Also, what morals does a man have if they violate the laws of their own religion(not spirituality, Bush lacks any of this), like oh say: Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not lie, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors stuff, nor anything of thy neighbors(stuff is not writen in the bible)
Hes bombed Iraq, lied about multiple items of interest(too many to list), coveted many things such as iraqs oil and that shiny F-16 he took a ride on(allusion to Gulliver's Travels), and i dont know whether he has commited adultery nor would i like to know, bad mental image.

Oh the hypocricy


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I only have a few things to say about our president for this submission...

1. There is no proof that he was AWOL
2. Not everything is Top Secret and is in violation of the Patriot Act
3. The media is a filter because our military do good things everyday
4. The U.S. government does not allow that interrogation technique
5. Saddam Hussein had the power, money, technology, and equipment to make such weapons
6. President Bush and Vice President Cheney are not gay, it is against both of their morals
7. Donald Rumsfeld does not tolerate that type of interrogation
8. Ralph Nader runs on his own terms and chose to campaign with President Bush
9. Not everything should be blamed on the Bush administration, blame the police department for once


TheOtherTruth responds:

You are right, he should not be ridiculed like this....

He should be stripped, dipped in honey, strapped to a tree next to a fire ant nest and be left to rot.....

NO, even that is too good for him!

He should just be treated like the prisoners at Abu Gharib. (Do onto others, and such) Yes, this Bible toting liar could really benefit from that!

and BTW, My facts are just fine! You have simply chosen to be a tool of the right!


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i didnt particularly like this one

ya well, thats all i had to say.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great dictionary

Your dictionaries are outstanding!!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You want the truth?

Another well done dictionary. Another well done Bush Bash. I especially liked the audio clips. Keep up the good work.

TheOtherTruth responds:

Thank you for your review.

The dictionaries never do that well, so I thought that I would beef them up with a little audio this time. I'm glad that you liked it.