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An enemy pirate is on his way,
But not to Whitmore's alarm or dismay,
With a Yo-Ho-Ho he'll brandish his sword,
Take a firm stance and thrust it towards,
Any fool who gets in his way,
Or Barrington 'coz he's a bit of a prat.


awww he died :(

i still think tht is the best movie........:( but y did u make him die? make another one bringing him back like hese sitting on his rock n the beaver is like? huh whered yu come from? or something like tht cuz i love these guys n its said tht its already ovr n he died

EdibleCastle responds:

lol that might be funny.... but alas he really is dead i'm afraid. RIP whitmore.


My winamp decided to play that endcredit song, so I had to watch theese again. I just love theese! I've seen theese many times, but still they make me laugh so hard.

The animation in whitmores are so simple, but still very nicely done and the good loking graphics makes it enjoyable. The voice acting is really great, the way that every character sound so different is great, how they talk, what they say makes it really great. When Barrington talks it makes me laugh 'cos his so shy, when Whitmore talks it makes me laugh 'cos he sais so funny things and doesn't say much, when beaver talks just the tone of hes voice makes me laugh, but the words he uses makes me laugh even more.
Theme music is great and fits with the animation, the different tunes of the beaver are great and the song at the end is just heartbraking.
I love it when the beaver leaves and the pirateflag flaps in to different direction.
The thing at the end (won't spoil it for those who has not seen this) doesn't really make me sad, the thing that makes me sad is how barrington just leaves.. leaves this createrue alone who has killed his best and maybe only friend.

The ending song is great, when someone dies in animations everyone suspects that the character is going to be back in next episode, but you made it really clear that there will be no more Whitmore, which is hilarious as well :D
You could try to make a Barrington spinoff, but don't really know that would an animation last with only Barrington in it, maybe it's the Barrington and Whitmore that makes it work, well who knows.

Still this is my favourite animation trilogy ever, well done.

EdibleCastle responds:

Thank you SO much for this long concise review. Its great you took the time to write it.

Thanks for liking all the minor details of the cartoon... like the flag waving in the opposite direction and barrington slinking off at the end... these things dont get mentioned often and its great to know that people do actually notice them.

and i think you're right about what u say at the end. these 2 characters wouldnt be much without each other.

thanks again! adios!

The end??

You must carry this on??!!!
Maybe whitmore will be on a rock, inside that monsters stomach.... I dont know i just want it continued!!

oh well, RIP whitmore!!

EdibleCastle responds:

i'm afraid, my friend, he is dead.


Nooo! It Cant Be Over!! Bring Him Back!! And If Anyone Gets Time Please Send Me That Whitmore's Dead Song Its Sad But I Like It!
(dan _ swenson @ Hotmail . com) I Have It Spaced Out Because It Wont Let Me Put It Otherwise!!

EdibleCastle responds:

yo, just dload it from NGs. its in my portal submissions. (:


WHY!?!?! lol, Whitmore ruled, so sad. :'(

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3.92 / 5.00

May 21, 2004
5:31 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature May 22, 2004