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This is a short fun little cartoon featuring a little dragon and a brave knight, from the creator of Detective Frofrog and Ytown Public!

I gladly respond to all creative reviews ;)



It was alright, but a little on the bland side. The knight was kind of annoying, and in a bad way. The dragon was pretty interesting. But it all seemed rather childish. Not like the normal childishness you see on most Newgrounds things, but more of the actually for children kind of thing.

I like the graphics though, to the guy that complained about them. Original.

McRhyme responds:

He he... strange everyone else seem to have a problem with the dragon's laughter. This proves once again that I doesn't matter how you do something - Not everyone will like it.

Some people like good things, other people HATE good things...

I'm sorry I know this has nothing to do with you. I just felt like telling someone :)

Its ok

What it needs its better graphics.

McRhyme responds:

Really? I acctually think the graphics are good enough.

That was so very britttish :D

That was quite cool. The graphics and the sounds were all good quality, but the voice of the dragon's a little annoying. And... what else? I liked to plot too. Quite imaginative. And the animation was very smooth. The only thing I didn't like is the size of the window. Could have been bigger. Oh well.

I vote 5.

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McRhyme responds:

Hmm.. the window issue. I think I'll keep the small window, so that the movie can run att full speed at slow computers.

a very good one

this IS funny i'll watch out for new Ytoon aniamcions

McRhyme responds:

Cool... there are loads of them already made, check my profile.


That was cute! The spontaenous, silly humor kind of reminded me of Monty Python. I'd love to see more flashes with these guys in it!

McRhyme responds:

Thanks! I am working on a sequal. It's also featuring Mr Dragoon Breath, Eric the Dragonslayer and a new character... a stunning princess!

It will be more of the same kind of pointless silly comedy.

I hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow (but I can't promise anything, since I have to HUGE exams next week).

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3.61 / 5.00

May 19, 2004
5:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Original