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This is a short fun little cartoon featuring a little dragon and a brave knight, from the creator of Detective Frofrog and Ytown Public!

I gladly respond to all creative reviews ;)


Eh, average

He should have tripped and broke multiple limbs. And crazy awkward background running/screaming is always funny

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Heh heh.

Even though it was awkward, it was still funny. That laugh is stuck in my head now >.<

That was different and ackward

I was quite suprised with naked dragon pictures popped up out of my camera drones, and of course I had to investigate. Suprise to me something of yours I havent seen! Not quite an episode of ytown or fro frog though .,. but a short is a short is a short...is a monkey.

Now you get to work on Fro Frog, with sexy aliens this time about ._. I invested $200,000,000.73 into these camera drones, and I expect to turn a profit between black mailing you and selling the naked alien pictures to horny geeks. Now I can't exactly make a profit if no new episode comes can I?

Oh and heres your foot back - hands over foot perserved in a jar - I suppose I forgot to give it back ^^' my bad my bad. Now go Marcus! Animate! Animate like the wind! That is if the wind could animate! Which I suppose it can't... Animate like Dahlstrom then! Cause the wind can't animate! Cause it sucks!

short and sweet

I write a lot of really long reviews, I must be really up myself. Anyway, yeah this was funny. I love his little hysterical laugh! It was pretty short, but you didn't leave anything open, which is good, and everything closed really nicely. Your direction style is pretty cinematic, and a welcome relief from all those people who wouldn't bloody change the camera (lets call it camera even though it's an animation) angle if their life depended upon it! You integrated the photo(s?) really well, and it was pretty convincing. And your animating style is quite nice. All in all, everything is great, but not absolutely bloody amazing.

McRhyme responds:

nice to get some new feedback on this short animation. I'm thinkning about making some new animations with Mr DragoonBreath.

Change of Pace

An interesting change of pace from your other series, I think, not hysterical, but cute/funny. I really liked the facial expressions of the guard.

Pretty funny, but I REALLY wish that you'd continue the FroFrog series, that was a friggin awesome cartoon.

Nicely done, I look forward to more of your work (and hopefully someday more frofrog)

McRhyme responds:

Well am afraid the Frofrog-series is dead because it was to bog a project.

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3.61 / 5.00

May 19, 2004
5:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Original