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This is a short fun little cartoon featuring a little dragon and a brave knight, from the creator of Detective Frofrog and Ytown Public!

I gladly respond to all creative reviews ;)



Is it true you respond to all reveiws? I would think not. Nice flash

McRhyme responds:

Well.. last time I made a movie I had more than 200 reviews.. So I didn't quite manage. This time I don't think it will be too many to handle ;)

Pretty good stuff!

I liked the smooth animation, the graphics were good too. The story was kinda random, but good none the less. The dragon had an annoying laugh though.

McRhyme responds:

Jepp, random story telling is my bag, baby!

The Laugh was the best part

The whole movie was somewhat ridiculous and a little funny, but the highlight of the experience was the dragons laugh.

McRhyme responds:

I agree.

Why is that so cool...?

You know, I love this, and I'm not quite sure why. I mean, the graphics aren't great, the sound is, you know, average, and I'm not sure the punchline even works.

But it's just so... charming.

Seriously, I really like it. I laughed at the opening appearance of the dragon, and smiled to the end. The almost simplisticly designed graphics are actually backed up by some really attentive animation. The voices are not great, but they're somehow not great in a perfect way. It's childish in the best possible fashion.

This might sound like a back-handed compliment, but I hope it makes sense. I really like it - great work.

McRhyme responds:

This is a very good point you are making. I feel this way about most of my work.

I never seem to manage to deliver a clear punch line - But still, there's something about it.


pretty good actually. good accent on the dragon, good work.

McRhyme responds:

He he.. yeah. I made all the voices myself. I sit here in my appartment and talk to myself all day long :)

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3.61 / 5.00

May 19, 2004
5:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Original