How-Many-Men have to die?

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Watch this, it's what the military is all about. They stand for America, even when they get unfair treatment from the media, and even when they are sent into hostile situations unprepared. They deserve our respect.



This is one of the most poor flashes I have seen made it to the portal. It gives no messages on ether side, the song you chose got irratating quick and all it contains is pictures. I am also shocked how you added no play button which was abit annoying how I needed to quickly pause the music I am listening to, to watch the movie.

In short, this movie was very disapointing. I expected it to be alot better. I was wrong. In the future, add more to your flashes than pictures, choose less repeative music and pass some messages from ether side, via quotes or opinions of yourself. Maybe some facts too.


i understand wot point yur trying to prove but america is not the only country to be fighting in iraq and der men dying britain and many other countries to hav lost soldiers hoo had families, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives and children who now may hav one less parent i hate tony blair for getting us involved with this war but at the end of the day the soldiers are in iraq now and fighting and unfortunately dying but that cant be stopped now wer in to deep and unfortunately soldiers cant just leave mostly because our goverments are refusing them permission to leave at all and we just hav to hope the war ends soon.


GRRRRR!!! This makes me hate Bush 10 times more, and appreciate the military 1000 times more! It would be an insult if i did not give this a 5. Make more, and educate NG about Iraq.

Everyone in America should see this

I want to thank the author for doing such a fine job on this presentation. If only there were more people who felt that way in this country, we wouldnt be in the same mess we are in now. Keep making them!

C/MSgt. Matthew Houck, KY-801

Reading previous reviews was the most interesting

As a flash, you need to add more animation, which you've already been told, so I won't waste time on that.

The thing that amazes me the most is all these people I see saying how you can't support the troops unless you support the war. I have family in the military, and I'm very much proud of them. But I, and many people like me, are strongly against the war. We're trying to stop Saddam from using WMD's? None. We're trying to save the people of Iraq from a ruthless dictator? Fine, but why just Iraq? Why not Saudi Arabia, or Brazil, or North Korea, or any of the countless other countries with horrible dictators? Hell, we're chummy as anything with Saudi Arabia, and they still use public execution as a control device.

I'm proud of our armed men and women, but I hope they never have to do their job. Especially, as it is right now, when there is no reason for them to have to.

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May 18, 2004
9:50 PM EDT
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