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Super Generic Quiz Game

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Hrm. I see many people are having trouble with the game freezing, and I think I know what the problem is. Here's what I think is a temporary fix before I can put one in the game. Before you start the game, set the quality to low. That should help. I'll put in a better fix later.

I say things that I really don't mean. :-) SGQG, due to popular demand, is now in version 1.1. No new questions yet, but I fixed the Adam Sandler question as well as added keyboard shortcuts (hit A, B, C, or D for the answers and 1-5 for lifelines). The game now advances automatically so you don't have to hit space. :-)

Have fun, and please e-mail Wade or Tom or whoever's responsible, and let's get a good game on the front page!!

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its good but needs more trivia

too much penis

I Reach $10 million

good amount of trivia but no way to save.

Very good game, I just have a couple specific complaints, basically the overall layout of the questions. They're randomized by the three overall levels. There needs to be an a single dollar value for every single question... also, I think the difficulty of the first level questions is a bit on the high end, they need to be toned down in difficulty just a bit. Otherwise, great game, thanks for the $1,000,000!