Urbanslug (metalslug tc)

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left/right arrows = move
down arrow = take cover (no attacks can hurt you)
Ctrl = fire
\ = reload (the key above enter)
] = change weapon (if you have more than one)

Some tips and notes:

*first thing to do when entering the field is to take cover. (down arrow) and assess the situation.

* First few missions should be easy enough to allow you to grasp the game's concept.

* Try to determine the best time to reload. You don't want to face multiple enemies with half loaded guns but you don’t want to reload too early and waste the remaining ammo in your mags.

*Enemies that are prone or kneeled or armored are immune to your attacks. You will have to find a gap in their defense, wait for them to compromise or simply maneuver to bypass them.

*Buy contacts, you wont have much more help once in the field.

*The game is randomized so don’t hesitate to change your approach and adapt to new combat situations.

*propaganda: http://www.urbanprophet.com/files/738845.jpg

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unfair random & brutal

I considers myself lucky if I beat only a mission because this game is very Nintendo hard, not to mention it's levels are very randomized and unpredictable

Hahaha.. my good ol' classic platformer action urbanslug. Great remake from the MSlug, and of course the game similarly resembles the real situation, real time flying bullets, fast death, one man army vs dozens of bad guys, outrageous price of weapons, crazy missions.. The controls are good, although in crisis, man, you can only duck, Just sitting ducks. A little buggy, but the best a developer can offer.

Great Game

HollyWoodx21x you are retarded urbanslug is designed to eat you up, spit you out, shit all over you, then crush you. Kinda like Mud and Blood 2. The non responsive controls is really just how much you suck. The graphics aren't supposed to be great. It's not supposed to be similar to Metal Slug you. And URB stands for UNFAIR RANDOMIZED BRUTALITY

Shit, Unexplainable

This is seriously not a game more or less a tool used to aggravate people to such a high extreme. I have every right to give this a 0. I'll use a pro/con list.

Con: -Extremely Slow
-Horrible Graphics
-Non-responsive controls
-Death before Start
-No life system like Metal Slug
-Low enemy count
-Not even similar to the game being remade
-Gameplay execution ridiculously shit
-Repetitive Menu Start(which will happen a lot due to death)
-Choppy Upgrade System

Pro(s): -Same main character(bad rendition)

That's it, this is the worst attempt I've seen yet. Fix all the negative things I stated and this will be a great game.

Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

May 16, 2004
5:43 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun