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Duck Hunt: Target = Mirth

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A short but sweet parody of the Nintendo classic, Duck hunt.


Nintendo Classics are great

I'm gonna be upfront when telling you i'm only doing this to go higher in the "top 10 most posi viewers" list that i just found out existed. I'm gonna do this with quite a few games/movies. I can't be number 1 cos i won't give a 10 to everything, but i will get higher god damn you...btw, im not just reviewing anything, im only reviewing stuff i like, and the stuff i did before this sham were stuff i honestly reviewed anyways...that's right, i got to the top 10 through honesty, im boosting it through lies! =P

i hate the dog!

that's cool! i always hated the dog and wish they would let you shoot him. the coolest thing about this movie is how much it really looks like the game.


...but only if you've played the game before. Very short, but sweet.

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I always wanted to do that (DIE DOG DIE!)

This IS god like. The genius behind this is a god. Perfect in every aspect (imho) heheheh Damn that was the best laugh I`ve ever had in a LOOONG time.

Have PhUn


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At last the dog gets it !!

When I was 6 and played duckhunt religously, I always tried to shoot the dog when it laughed, this was just a childhood dream come true. Thank you

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3.25 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2000
5:22 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody