The Adventures of Robox

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Fixed up problems, added a run button (z), the game runs alot faster in most of the rooms

Note: to skip initial intro hit space and to skip the first level intro plug inn the password given at the start of the level.


ok i think this game ROCKS!!! its AWESOME!!

played for 3hours!.
but why did you quit making flash? (or did you use a trial verision?)
anyways good game :)

BigBazz responds:

Thanks for the review i hadnt quit making flash i had a habit of starting projects that i never finished all worked on improving my flash skills. Though as we speak im working on a larger remake of this game well this style keep an eye out for it :D

((( OK )))

Cool, i like the intro part it was funny and ok art, as for the game part it lacked backrounds and better art detail, the game play was ok somewhat confusing at first but was cool, anyways notbad keep it up...


The most wicked game around, tell every1 about it

This is the best game eva made. Everyone should be playing it. When more work is done, it will be one of the top 10.

Is that a game ?

In this game (if we could name that "a game") , there is too much error ! THIS IS REALY A SHIT GAME ! IT SUCKS !

Without bugs it would be great...

Well, I really like the Zelda related gameplay, but in fact there are plenty bugs which destroy the fun of this game.
Like jazx3 wrote, you keep losing your life whenever you step on certain places, as far as I noticed it only happens when you faced the mini boss in the room in the north...perhaps the game thinks the boss is there although you are in another room, I don't know.
And the boss is a little hard for the first bigger enemy, that is he is too big and you are too slow, it's really hard to dodge...

If you fix and improve it a bit in its weak points, you will hve a great game which I will enjoy playing and (of course ;-) ) vote with five!

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2.17 / 5.00

May 16, 2004
2:49 AM EDT
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