Little Fighter Alpha Ch.1

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Here's chapter one of The Little Fighter Alpha series. I've put lots of time on this movie and I think it turned out like the way I wanted. Enjoy the movie <]:O) Sprites from the game Little Fighter 2.


Really liked it

Really liked the first part as much as the other part. Just one question. When Bat has freed Woody, Jan and Davis and when louis arrives Bat tells them to rescue the OTHERS. Who are the others?

MaxR responds:

Hmm good question, those other people who were freed include those peons (orcs) you saw, Mario, and all the other people we may never know about. I'm glad you enjoy this series and than you for your comment.

Good Work

I see that you have improved much since you started here, glad you decided to continue on with this series :). good work!

MaxR responds:

Thank you, and I'm glad you noticed the improvements.


The whole serie is the best i ever saw go on ;)

MaxR responds:

Thank you, yes I will go on.


I decided to view the series before watching 9, seeing how it is being critically lauded. Overall, not bad.

I do not know why, but I burst out laughing when the second guy came back to help the main character. All you see is his energy blast, then you see him SLOWLY walking into view, the little walking sound too, proclaiming it's not finished yet.

Don't mind me, I just found that little bit gold.

MaxR responds:

lol I know what you mean, when I look back to my older chapters, I sometimes ask myself what I was doing? Yeah I did notice them walking very slow in this chapter and some lines I found rather funny too. Thank you for your comment and I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters.

Very good

it was nice i want to see all of these before i see the last one
this one is alright funny to see mario in there lol

MaxR responds:

lol thanks, it's cool that you're watching this ch. before watching ch.9.

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May 15, 2004
7:20 PM EDT